There’s a thought around the origin of softball in which many people believe that this sport came from a variation of one of the best sports in the world: baseball.But this is a wrong fact; this game was actually created by mistake, on a football game, back in 1887. The first women’s team was formed at Chicago’s West Division High School.

The game traces its origins in Chicago, Illinois.

Hancock watched a man throw a boxing glove at There are wide variances in playing rules, size …

Softball, a variant of baseball and a popular participant sport, particularly in the United States.

George Hancock, at the time a reporter for Chicago Board of Trade, invented the game of softball in 1887. The balls themselves were of different shapes and sizes. Alexander Cartwright and the members of his New York Knickerbocker Base Ball Club devised the first rules and regulations that were accepted for the modern game of baseball.

Alexander Cartwright (1820-1892) of New York invented the modern baseball field in 1845. Softball's origins aren't rooted in baseball, as many assume, but in the sport of football.

Gulick was looking for an indoor activity that would be interesting and easy to learn and play during the winter.


The number of players on each team could vary from one game to the next.
No, softball was invented in 1887. That day may have been the first and last day of the softball invention process if Hancock did not pursue his idea. By the spring of 1888, the game had spread outdoors. Answer In 1887, George Hancock, a journalist for the Chicago Board of Trade, invented softball. The Farragut Boat Club invented the first softball rules pretty much on the fly. Softball, which according to the Amateur Softball Association (ASA), is the most played team sport in the United States has an interesting history. Softball has been referred to as ladies' baseball because it was generally played by women. It is generally agreed that softball developed from a game called indoor baseball, first played in Chicago in 1887. Closely related

It was originally called either mushball, kittenball or indoor baseball, but by the 1920s it had acquired the name of softball.

Basketball was invented in 1891 by Dr. James Naismith as the result of a challenge by Dr. Luther Halsey Gulick, the director of the physical education department at the YMCA International Training School in Massachusetts.

In the period prior to 1900, the game was played outdoors, using a larger ball than employed in baseball, and on a smaller playing field. The first game was played indoors, inside the Farragut Boat Club in Chicago. They gave it the perfect name--softball. No, softball was invented in 1887.

Well, softball is simply the female version of baseball. Softball evolves… Hancock’s game spread throughout the country and was especially popular in Minneapolis. They gave it the perfect name--softball.

After a lively evening of indoor baseball, the group found that they’d invented a new sport.

The sport we in the United States know as football is more properly called gridiron football, for the vertical yard lines that mark the field. The sport started on Thanksgiving Day 1887 and was invented by a Chicago Board of Trade reporter named George Hancock.

Although many people assume that softball was derived from baseball, the sport’s first game actually came about because of a football game.

Just the pitchers, the glove, and the ball and the obvious, it's a girls sport. Softball goes back over 100 years, and it was not invented specifically for girls. Rather it was invented to be a more physically accessible version of baseball.

The person who invented softball.

No huge difference. The invention of softball had gotten under way; that was the first softball game played, with a final score of 41-40.

Softball, which according to the Amateur Softball Association (ASA), is the most played team sport in the United States has an interesting history.The sport started on Thanksgiving Day 1887 and was invented by a Chicago Board of Trade reporter named George Hancock.

Softball, a variant of baseball and a popular participant sport, particularly in the United States. My guess?

George Hancock and Bakir Dzananovic are credited as the ones who invented softball.

The first game of softball came from a football game between Yale and Harvard. Softball is a game similar to baseball played with a larger ball (11 to 16 in.

He made this game on Thanksgiving Day, 1887.This game, 111 years later, is known as the first softball game. There are wide variances in playing rules, size and type of equipment, and playing field dimensions. When Rober was transferred to another department, he helped establish a team he called the Kittens, and his game was named Kitten Ball in the summer of 1900.

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