Dong-Sun's later behavior best reflects which principle of communication? (p. 368) "Noise" (in the traditional communication process) refers to: AACSB: Communication Bloom's: Knowledge Difficulty: Medium Learning Objective: 14-04 know how the communication process affects promotion planning. Communication is most difficult to achieve when: the source and the receiver do not have a common frame of … D) You jump in surprise and are frightened. Signal to noise ratio is important because in communication our main focus is on signal but during transmission it got affected by some random noise. a. A) Perception acts as a funnel. Which of the following best illustrates communication "noise"? External noise Shonda was sitting in a crowded room that was very warm and stuffy. Magazine sales reps telephone consumers to offer low-price subscriptions c. A TV ad is recorded at a higher volume than is used for most TV d. A pepsi ad that has rap music in the background 24. C) You receive a paycheck at work, making you more likely to show up the next day. Which is the best example of an unconditioned stimulus? D. 192. This was making it difficult for her to listen to the speaker's message. a.

(p. 330) Which of the following best illustrates communication "noise"? Communication is irreversible and unrepeatable. Which communication channel allows for mediated interactive communication with small and large audiences? D) Perception acts as a facilitator. The intent behind the creation of the Rosie the Riveter image was not realized until after the war. 23. Mario has a deep commitment to the identity and beliefs of his Puerto Rican-American culture, following customs and embracing specific artifacts. A signal-to-noise ratio specification of 100 dB is considerably better than one that is 70 dB (or less). The same behavior in two different contexts may be perceived as competent in one setting and incompetent in another. Historical images are best interpreted in their original context and kept free of newe interpretations The symbolic significance of the Rosie the Riveter image has evolved with the times. This situation best illustrates the concept that communication competence A motorist doesn’t hear a radio ad because she is being stopped by a police officer for speeding b. d. None of the above. Which of the following best illustrates communication of noise? The emotional temperature of the relationship. C. A political candidate rides through town in a car with a loud speaker--asking pedestrians to vote for her. Which of the following metaphors best illustrates the role that perception plays in the communication process? A.
c. Whether or not the semantic meaning is correct. A) You work hard all week at a job. Chapter 14 - Promotion-Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications 191. social needs By communicating pleasure, affection, and inclusion, we satisfy our___. A motorist doesn't hear a radio ad because she is being stopped by a police officer for speeding. E) Perception acts as a boundary. B) Perception acts as an owner's manual. (p. 368) Which of the following best illustrates communication "noise"? Which of the following best describes that communication is indexical?

d. communication consists of discrete and separate acts. A TV ad is recorded at a higher volume than is used for most TV shows.
Which is the best tip for using consequences effectively? For example, when an audio component lists a signal-to-noise ratio of 100 dB, it means that the level of the audio signal is 100 dB higher than the level of the noise. How each person encodes and decodes the message. Magazine sales reps telephone consumers to offer low-price subscriptions.

C) Perception acts as filter. b. * B) A loud noise unexpectedly occurs next to your ear. B.

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