Rank . SKU: CL-BUVC01-3. Vector butane is strongly recommended for all hi-tech Vector lighters and other jet flame lighters. Vector 14x filtered butane refills ensure Optimal Performance in any number of applications: Clipper Lighters Butane Applications requiring the cleanest butane Hi-Tech Vector jet torch lighters Vector Nitro Butane Torch, Vector Hyper Butane Torch, Vector Minitro Butane Torch Butane fuel powered devices. Master Case of Vector Signature 14x Refined Butane - 96 Bottles. This ultra-clean butane is refined up to 14 times, while most other butane are refined 1 to 3 times. Vector Butane - 14X Refined (12 Cans) Vector Butane CASE/12. B8006 - Vector 14x Refined Butane Gas Buy the finest butane gas Vactor Formula 14 premium refined butane gas refill cold filtered up to 14 times for maximum purity. 10 Best Vector 14x Butane - May 2020. This ultra-clean butane is refined up to 14 times, while most other butane are refined 1 to 3 times. Making sure to get the best butane for BHO extraction is the surest way to guarantee that your wax comes out fire. 22 replies replies. 1. They are made and canned from a clean process making it impurity-fee. Safety Lock.

Easily Refillable. This ultra-clean butane is cold filtered 14 times, while most other butane's are refined 1 -3 times.

Vector Butane SET/3 (3/10.8oz Cans) 3-Pack: Vector Butane - 14X Refined. 3. Vector Torch Metallic Blue + One Can Vector Butane 320 ml filtered 14x. Vector Kgm Vector 14X Cold Filtrered Butane Gas 320Ml: Amazon.in: Electronics. I’d love to hear about your experience with them in the comments below! Vector 14x butane - opinions? Score. This video is unavailable.

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Price: $68.00. The butane you use is going to affect the quantity, quality and taste of your concentrates. Details ; Reviews ; … 9.9. Cleanest fuel available with virtually no impurities. Score . 12 Cans - 130 total oz. Product Name. Vector is comparable to Whip-It! Vector Butane - 14X Refined (12 Cans) SKU: CL-BUVC01-12. Watch Queue Queue. Opinions?

MSRP: $26.85. 3 Cans - 32+ total oz. Each bottle is 320ML. Best sellers in Cooking, Food & Wine Magazines. Jet torch and turbo lighters require ultra pure Vector gas to produce highly efficient jet flames. Burning Time 90-120 minutes 3-Pack: Vector Butane - 14X Refined; 3-Pack: Vector Butane - 14X Refined . Vector® Formula-14 refills are specially formulated and cold-filtered through a 14 step process for Maximum Purity. MSRP: $107.40. Use Vector butane in lighters to produce optimal performance.

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