The phone screenings were standard and relatively straightforward. What do I need to know and do to best prepare for this? The hiring manager was good but the person in point 2 was crazy. Onsite presentation/interview at SpaceX: advice needed. Here is reality. Here is reality. Had a phone screen. After presentation, they discuss whether or not to move you onto the 1:1 Reddit, I'm interested in working for SpaceX after college. As part of SpaceX's interview process, all potential candidates have to write up a personal essay for the CEO, Elon Musk, to read and evaluate, as he likes to be as personally connected to each of his employees as his time allows. The biggest thing that made a difference for him was working at getting/creating a direct connection to someone within the company, as SpaceX is overwhelmed by resumes. For the interview process, they ask very specific and tough questions which provide insight into your background. I interviewed at SpaceX (Irvine, CA). The first point of contact was through email followed by an introductory phone call.

SpaceX is a private American company also known as Space Exploration Technologies Corp.It is headquartered in Hawthorne, California. It was a telephone interview and the hiring manager was late because he had to cancel a lot of in person interviews due to the Coronavirus. The process starts with a phone screen with the hiring manager. The first one-on-one was a lunch interview, which can be a bit difficult/awkward, but the attitude was casual and it went very smoothly.

He apologized and kept our appointment even though he didn't have too. After presentation, they discuss whether or not to move you onto the 1:1. SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk is slated to give an updated presentation on the company's Starship rocket on Saturday.

This was not the only position I applied for. Three phone interviews before an on-site interview with multiple engineers. … It is founded in 2002 by Entrepreneur and CEO of the company, Elon Musk and currently has more than 6000 employees.SpaceX is famous for designing, manufacturing, and launching of advanced rockets and … What is Starship? The interview process is a tiered process. Interview. I applied through an employee referral. Had another one ( this guy was really rude like he was yelling right through) 3. The design project requires you to come up with a working, simulated design. 85% Upvoted. Interview presentation examples: Hire Dan! The information I encountered online prior to my interview proved to be quite accurate. SpaceX designs, manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft.

Source: SpaceX. After the presentation, the panel met privately and decided that they wanted to move forward with the one-on-one interviews. SpaceX Interview Questions About the Company: SpaceX. The onsite interview included a panel presentation and one-on-one interviews. I interviewed at SpaceX (Hawthorne, CA). 1. Continuer à lire. Questions d'entretien d'embauche. I applied for many others and unlike other employers SpaceX is quick to give you a response. Hour long presentation and one-on-one interviews at HQ along with factory tour. Staying well clear of the hiring funnel, I planned 3 hire-me pitches (one to land a referral interview – the other two to impress in the interview). A year ago I was set on applying to a global employee analytics company. I applied online.

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