TickerPal Provides quotes for whatever stock ticker you provide via a slash command. This requires configurations in both Slack and GitLab. When a Slash Command is triggered, relevant data will be sent to an external URL in real-time. Slash Commands let users trigger an interaction with your app directly from the message box in Slack. Slash Commands allow you to listen for custom triggers in chat messages across all Slack channels.
GitLab can also send events (e.g., issue created) to Slack as notifications. and the be able to use word in the URL the slash command will call.. On their page they have something like /weather 94070. Nimbella Commander Create and share custom Slack commands easily. Slack requires a response to be sent within 3 seconds of the request but it does have a model for responding asynchronously later using a special URI where you can post data for up to 30 mins after the command was first sent, see Slash Commands for details. You can create custom commands for Slack apps quickly and easily by following our Getting Started guide. They function similarly to outgoing webhooks, except they can be used in any channel, including private channels and direct messages..

You can see the similarities in their slash command list: List of Slack’s Slash Commands I always had the sense that Slack’s founders were old IRC users like me.

5 Slack slash-commands that you should be using every day. Slash commands make your users feel powerful. Slack slash commands allow you to control GitLab and view content right inside Slack, without having to leave it. Serverless Slash Commands with Python March 5, 2018. Here’s a way to build them with Python, host them for pennies a month on AWS Lambda, and use these same tools to issue delayed responses when creating long-running commands. Custom slash commands are a nice way to add your own functionality to Slack. You'll be presented with a button marked Create New Command, and when you click on it, you'll see a screen where you'll be asked to define your new Slash Command: Command - the name of command, the actual string that users will type to trigger a world of magic. Slack’s slash commands allow you to perform actions by typing commands into Slack. Slack clearly copied the most popular IRC commands, and expanded on them. Type /remind in the message field to set a reminder for yourself, someone else, or a channel. Results for “slash command ... LaTeX for Slack /latex slash command. When you type /remind, you’ll see a template for formatting reminders: /remind [@someone or #channel] [what] [when].. Easily insert LaTeX directly into your chats.
Slash Commands let users trigger an interaction with your app directly from the message box in Slack. Because we strongly recommend you do not use legacy custom integrations anymore, you should instead use the similar feature in Slack apps.Our guide to Getting Started with Slash Commands will walk you through the process of enabling this functionality in a Slack app. I'm integrating slack with jenkins to use slash commands and want to know if slash commands have variables. Mattermost supports slash commands to easily integrate external applications into the server. The commands will send an HTTP POST request to a web service, and process a response back to … Slash Commands. HipChat’s slash commands are a little more involved. Capturing data with a Slash Command & Dialog App blueprint by Slack.

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