Rubber shock absorbers. The company’s shock absorbers …

The physical embodiment of that effort, the Apollo spacecraft, stood as a testament to human ingenuity. In earthquake-prone countries, hospitals, emergency services and residents practise for an earthquake. Earthquakes test the strength and structural reliability of all buildings.

Isolating a building's base, and then dissipating the energy of an earthquake as it travels underneath the building, is key in creating earthquake-proof buildings. Buildings vying for this certification will need to comply with extremely strict and high international standards. Example of an earthquake-proof building Preparation. In: 2nd international conference on computational methods in structural dynamics and earthquake engineering (COMPDYN 2009), Rhodes, 22–24 June Google Scholar This is why earthquake proof buildings, also known as earthquake resistant buildings, are becoming more common.

In order to make your building earthquake proof, you can follow these simple steps:-1. Buildings are often symmetrical, so that the force from an earthquake is distributed evenly throughout the building. Engineers made buildings "earthquake proof" by outfitting them with "deep foundation and massive shock absorbers that dampen seismic energy," and by enabling the bases of buildings … NASA Technology .

Use skyscrapers technology:-In the last few decades, scientists managed to develop a system of skyscrapers which float on a system of ball bearings and padded cylinders. Learn More about earthquakes and earthquake proof structures with “ Shake It Up ” Groovy Lab in a Box!

Most modern skyscrapers are built to withstand earthquakes and high winds.

Taylor Devices, a 100-employee manufacturer based in North Tonawanda, New York, has patented earthquake shock-absorbers which stabilize buildings, bridges, and elevated freeways during temblors to help prevent them from falling..

The system works similarly to shock absorbers in a car that help prevent you from feeling big bumps in the road. These buildings will have giant shock absorbers installed which will stay hidden in walls and these will act just like the shock absorbers in a car absorbing the earthquake shocks so that the building structure remains unharmed. In wake of the recent tremor in Bangladesh, we have compiled the top 3 earthquake resistant technologies that will make your building and properties much safer. Essentially, the isolators act as shock absorbers while the structure slowly rolls to and fro, skirting damage during earthquakes up to an estimated 8.0 magnitude [source: Madrigal].

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