"Arts & Things" As we wrap up the third quarter of this powerful year of 2019, we open to the potential of the last three months of the year for aligning fully with the new mantra that I offered on January 1st. Katherine Zyniecki January 23, 2020 Reflections from Changemakers 56. 2017 was the year I secured a new role at a new school after teaching for 14 years.

The purpose of these reflections is to give parents and teachers a chance to spend a few minutes thinking about how great the impact might … Continue reading "Reflections – New Beginnings" It brings transformation and change; from darkness to light, from cold to warmth, from grey to bursts of color. 127 likes. Reflections and New Beginnings - 2019 Published on December 29, 2018 December 29, 2018 • 23 Likes • 0 Comments. We are beginning a new month, a new season here in the Midwest, and a new cycle of energy shifting on our planet. Instead I’m actively making the decision to change and give myself a new start. Posted on December 31, 2017 December 31, 2017 by msgreatbatch.

This episode is part of the “Reflections” series of podcast episodes, which are short, minutes long reflections about a quote or other thought from Dr. Shinichi Suzuki’s philosophy or writing. Reflections: Here's to New Beginnings! Local Reflections, Victoria, British Columbia. The new calendar year invites us to reevaluate our goals, ... others, or even stories in the news this past year, we can’t help but reflect on times that touched us deeply. The new life, new beginnings, and bright, colorful new look that spring brings …

Each month will have either a therapeutic theme or an advanced practice theme. It is a time for cleaning house, new growth in gardens, and baby animals. Reflections on new beginnings. No more standing still and watching life pass me by, no more worrying about what other people will think about what I’m doing. New Beginnings. It’s the start of a new year and a new semester and we have just completed Winter Retreat 2020 which focused on embracing difference and creating the BeLOVEd community. Reflections, Hope, and New Beginnings. Starting August 2nd, I will offer a new class: Theme Thursday’s from 4- 5:30 pm at Yoga East.

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