Red Rover has been banned on some playgrounds as too rough. It's a terrible game. 1

1.5/10 probably the worst I've ever played. Then you run towards the link in the chain in order to break through. However, with the increasing concern for children’s safety, the game has been deemed too rough for children by some and has been banned because of the risk of injury on many school playgrounds. Part of the resolution is that games of Red Rover have been banned at the school. Undoubtedly there have been some injuries associated with the game, but definitely, no more than are associated with organized sports such as peewee football or Little League baseball. "Red rover, red rover, send (insert name) right over!" A team wins when all of their members are sent through the other team. Red Rover is a classic outdoor neighborhood and playground game that children have played for years. No equipment is required and it is most appropriate for elementary school children. First banning tag, now this. Either way, the settlement is ensuring this is the first and last time the district will "run into" a situation like this: In accordance with the settlement, Red Rover is officially banned from the school, KNSD reports.

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