Nuke was one of my least favorite tournament maps in both 1.6 and CSS to compete on due to the limited options available to the T side.

I watch ramp -> lobby as T during A plants from that shelf a lot. Also with a wider view it will be more aim based compared to the massive peak-advantage the CT's have at the moment. They enable the player to customise their in-game appearance for both T and CT-side. CS:GO Agents are character models which were first introduced during Operation Shattered Web. Here is a list of 245 soundscapes for use in Counter-Strike: Source.An easy way of testing them is to use the playsoundscape console command, which includes limited searching for soundscape names so you shouldn't have to … Includes callouts for dust2, inferno, nuke, train, mirage, cache and other maps. Map callout overviews for all competitive maps CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive).

Using Reddit. CSGO - 4 Useful Spam Spots on De_Nuke.

Nuke stickers featuring millions of original designs created by independent artists. M4A4 | Radiation Hazard skin prices, market stats, preview images and videos, wear values, texture pattern, inspect links, and StatTrak or souvenir drops. Archived. ... especially the radio spot.

4 sizes available. Without them, we wouldn't exist. Smoke of cross on A site for dust2. Close. ← Counter-Strike: Source Level Creation. CSGO - 4 Useful Spam Spots on De_Nuke. Perform a running throw, letting go once the crosshair passes the roof of the building to the right. lurppis. ... A nuclear plant or whatever de_nuke is doesnt need lockers in the ct lobby or so many radio/electronics in the ramp hallway... :< Also why not just stick to the exploding crates.. ... i'll try csgo again when they come out with a good update. help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts Communities Top Posts. 99. White or transparent. by Tobys CS. I think this would work great for CSGO, so that it's easier to pull off executes and set-ups with nades and flashes compared to how it is now. Ads keep us online. If a player does not own any agents then the default Local Agent or Operator will be equipped and used in-game. Posted by 5 years ago. Valve just released Operation Wildfire, and with it comes a brand new version of the map Nuke.Once immensely popular, Nuke got removed from the competitive map pool due to balance issues.

We don't have paywalls or sell mods - we never will. New De_Nuke Map Callouts. So we figured it was time to find the new map callout/overview for the map. But every month we have large bills and running ads is our only way to cover them. One of my main goals in creating de_nuke_ve was to make the range of effective strategies more diverse than has ever been possible on any version of de_nuke. Please note that these call-outs is the most used, but might vary from person to person. Decorate your laptops, water bottles, notebooks and windows. Volcano's de_nuke_ve for CS:GO. Line up crosshairs with the left cylinder on the radio mast to the powerline. The new, shiny and updated version of de_nuke, has been released for some time now. All CS:GO agents can be used on any map.

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