A historical overview of Pakistan from 1947 to 2018 that examines the development of the country in terms of political, socioeconomic, administrative, and foreign policy decisions/trends. Pakistan History → Timeline.

YEAR: EVENT: 1906: All India Muslim League founded: 1930 : Mohammad Iqbal proposes the creation of a separate Muslim state : 1940 : Mohammad Ali Jinnah, leader of the Muslim League, formally endorsed the"Lahore Resolution" calling for the creation of an independent state in regions where Muslims constituted a majority. 1947 * Independence and the … History Both a nuclear power and important cricketing nation, Pakistan has existed as an independent country for little more than 60 years, but has been playing an important role in the historical epic of the Indian subcontinent for millennia. Saturday, 24 December 2016. A chronology of key events in the history of Pakistan from Indian partition in 1947 to the present day. Kids learn about the history and timeline of the country of Pakistan including early civilizations, the Kushan Empire, the rise of Islam, Mughal Empire, British rule, independence, and current events. Pakistan | Pakistan Affairs | Economy | Education | History | Key Facts | Timeline | MCQs | GK (Pakistan) | Economy of Pakistan | Education in Pakistan. TIMELINE: Main events in Pakistan since independence 3 Min Read (Reuters) - Pakistan marked 60 years of independence on Tuesday, celebrating the end of British colonial rule in 1947. 14 August 1947 Pakistan got independence from British rule. Timeline of Pakistani history (1947–present) 1947 June 3: British Government decided to bifurcate British India, into two sovereign states – India and Pakistan. KEY YEARS IN PAKISTAN'S HISTORY. Pakistan | Pakistan Affairs | Economy | Geography | Foreign Policy | Education | History | Timeline | Key Facts | PakGK | MCQs.

China’s growing economic equities with India may be affecting its relationship with Pakistan in subtle ways. their shared borders with India; a history of hostility and confrontation with India; and a mutual interest in maneuvering to balance or contain India’s power and influence in the region. Published as part of Informa (Routledge) Europa World Series Thus, when Yahya's Regime decided to hold the first general elections on the basis of adult franchise at national level, they were not only required to make a new mechanism but were also required to set up a permanent election machinery. Here you will find Pakistan Affairs Notes, Current Affairs Notes, Islamiat Notes, Timelines etc in PDF Format. This is a timeline of Indian history, comprising important legal and territorial changes and political events in India and its predecessor states. August 14: Pakistan came into being as an independent sovereign state.
26 October 1947 The ruler of Jammu and Kashmir, Maharaja Hari Singh, signed “Instrument of Accession” to Join India. IMPORTANT EVENTS IN THE HISTORY OF PAKISTAN. To read about the background to these events, see History of India.See also the list of Governors-General of India, list of Prime Ministers of India and Years in India The political history of Pakistan from 1947 to 1970 witnessed no general elections. August 18: Pakistan became member of UN by a unanimous vote of the Security Council.

BC (3000-1600 BC) Indus Valley civilization of modern-day Pakistan (3000-1500 BC) City of Harappa, part of the Indus Valley civilization, flourished (2500 - 1500 BC) Mohenjo-daro in southern Pakistan evolved as early urban center (1700s BC) Start of the Aryan civilization (1500s BC) Aryans came into the Punjab region, followed a strict caste system (600 BC) People became frustrated by caste system

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