First Army NEPTUNE Plan was issued on 25 February, V Corps' plan on 26 March, and that of the 1st Infantry Division on 16 April. It had action a-plenty and the emotive tales of bravery, ingenuity and determination by the crews of the ships involved brought credit to the naval traditions of the Allied nations. No final decisions on troop lists and loading were possible until even later dates, and revisions of detail in many parts of the plans were necessary as late as the end of May. The story of Operation Neptune was, of course, more than just a tale of planning, building and logistics. The book was intended for a general audience and because it was published within a year of the events it describes, it is a valuable insight into how Operation Neptune and the D Day landings were perceived by the U.K. establishment and public at that time. The operation, codenamed Neptune Spear, is expertly analyzed and the events are told in a concise and clear account of its build-up, execution, and aftermath, demonstrating the skill and courage of the men who carried it out. Operation Neptune was a 1964 disinformation operation by the Czechoslovak secret service, the StB, involving Nazi-era documents. Operation NEPTUNE may not have been a naval battle in the traditional sense, but it ranks as one of the greatest naval exploits in history. In 1964, the StB publicly claimed to have discovered Nazi-era intelligence files hidden beneath the surface of Černé jezero , a lake in the Šumava, on the border with West Germany . Neptune was thus the assault phase of Operation Overlord, which was the general plan for the liberation of north-west Europe; a common misconception has resulted in the latter code-word being commonly (but incorrectly) used for the invasion. Operation Neptune was underway! Endless Lend Lease convoys were being assembled in New York harbor on their way to England and to Soviet Russia after the German surprise attack of June 22, 1941. A daring attack on Roosevelt's arsenal of democracy could be the solution showing Hitler how the Italian navy could turn the tide. This chapter takes the killing of Osama bin Laden as a test case for considering the moral and legal status of intentionally killing individuals deemed a threat to national security, under conditions in which the object of the targeted attack is offered little or no opportunity to surrender to attacking forces.

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