; Neocash Item - This item was either sold in the NC Mall, obtained from an NC event, or came from another NC item. Faerie Quests While browsing Neopets, you might be asked to fetch a certain item for a magical, most often winged person. If you are blessed enough to get a visit from the Fountain Faerie, then you will get a random event at the top of your screen that looks like this: Which items does the Fountain Faerie ask for? Has older versions? Daily Faerie Quests are back! Though she may seem otherworldly, sometimes speaking telepathically, being chosen for her quests is a great honour. You get a one Faerie Quest per day for visiting the quest homepage.You get a prize for visiting each day, and there's usually a bonus prize for visiting each day (even if you don't complete the quests EDIT: They changed it and you have to finish every quest for that bonus reward ;-; EDIT 2: It's clarified back to you just having to visit the page each day) so make sure to come back daily! Fountain Faerie Quests are insanely rare There are many people who have played neopets for over 6 years and have never -ever- had a Fountain Faerie quest. Categories. The mysterious salesman has set up shop outside Faerieland and he's convinced many to purchase his cursed wares. Each type of faerie requests a different kind of item and gives out a different reward.

Nows your chance to help the faeries fulfill their quests and stop Mr Krawley by getting one for free each day until March 22nd. Neopets.Com - Virtual Pet Community! Light Faerie: Collectable Card r69 and lower +2 Level Soup Faerie: Smoothie r69 and lower +2 points in 2 different stats Space Faerie: Item r81-94 +4 Level Water Faerie

Fortune Cookies - This Fortune Cookie can be opened to reveal exclusive items or special effects. Might as well go for it, in the chance that you do get a FFQ :3 Visiting the faeries every day of the event will reward you a special bonus prize! Faerie Quests The Faeries Below is a list of faeries. There are currently thirteen types of faeries that give out quests. There are lots of interesting things to enjoy here, including games, shops and Faerie Quests! To view what items they ask for and what you can gain by completing their quest, please click on their image. The Light faerie will ask for a COLLECTABLE CARD item to complete one of her quests. Why not look around and see what you can find? Has Classic Neohome preview? What is the Faerie Quest event about? Faerie Quests: Taelia the Snow Faerie: What they want: Shop items, depends on the faerie Reward: Battledome stats, access to the Rainbow Fountain, or wearables Worth it? We would appreciate it if you could give the game a rating out of … And yeah, like Bluey said, there's a chance at getting a Fountain Faerie Quest, although the Grey Faerie can also call upon other Faeries to bless your pet as well. If you decline your quest, you may never get another again. If you need to know more about Faerie Quests, please click on the question mark below them. What happens is that a faerie will appear on the screen and ask you to fetch a certain item for her. She is the most powerful Faerie of all, and her quests can sometimes be very hard. Join up for free games, shops, auctions, chat and more! What happens is that a faerie will appear on the screen and ask you to fetch a certain item for her. Sometimes expensive, and sometimes pretty darn cheap, we recently had a quest from her, and spent 2,500 NP’s on the item she wanted, and in return she raised our NeoPets strength stat by 2 levels instead of one. All she will ask are items of rarity 69 and below which total to 175 items as of now. You are not allowed to use the Shop Wizard when you are on a quest, so make sure to copy the name of the item, go to the Quest Neoboards, and ask politely for someone to check for you.Note that if you think the quest is too expensive, you can cancel it! Faerie Caves II - Fyora's Quest You are about to send feedback on Faerie Caves II - Fyora's Quest . Name: Queen Faerie Sometimes, the Queen Faerie will visit you. Has won the PPL?

If you need to know more about Faerie Quests, please click on the question mark below them.

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