NASA Captures Another Striking Spot On Jupiter Which Looks Like The 'Great Red Spot' Geo Beats. If you need any historic information from our previous online portal, please get in touch directly with our payroll team ( It is supremely puzzling. brings you the latest news, images and videos from America's space agency, pioneering the future in space exploration, scientific discovery and aeronautics research. While we don’t exactly know how to open a portal to another dimension, there is evidence the phenomenon could exist. White door is a portal to another world on a seashore. 0:43. Given the speed at which events took place, one of three things seems probable: The driver had knowledge of the portal’s whereabouts, the portal was created by the driver of the vehicle, or the portal was a completely freak occurrence.
NGC 4380Image: ESA/Hubble & NASA, P. Erwin Spiral galaxy NGC 4380 looks like the object of a fantasy film as it is reminiscent of a gaping “a portal to another dimension.” The corresponding photograph taken by the Hubble space telescope published by NASA. But in our modern era, some people have even gone so far as to identify which areas on the face of the earth are currently hiding actual portals, stargates or passageways which grant mortal men access to worlds and dimensions beyond our own.

NASA Image Of Mars Looks Like Portal To Another Dimension. well i can only tell you how you can feel the another dimension its not a magic to teleport you to another dimension. During the test, the machine purportedly completely vanished before everyone’s eyes, only to reappear 7 minutes later with a startled but excited Kit, who claimed that he had been briefly transported to another dimension. And now it seems science may be catching on to the possibility.

The scientists were astounded by this, and called the portal … Typically, portal areas have some type of electromagnetic significance and are located near large deposits of quartz or other minerals with piezoelectric properties.
A NASA-funded researcher at the University of Iowa has figured out how to find X-points, places where the magnetic field of Earth connects to the magnetic field of the Sun. Mashable. Geo Beats. Photo about Surrealism. Scientists in Oak Ridge National Laboratory in eastern Tennessee hope … Storm in white desert. Follow. The darkest substance on Earth basically looks like a portal to another world. And so, without further ado, here are five real places on Earth that could be portals to other dimensions. Some elements image credit NASA. Could 2019 be the year humans open the first portal to a shadowy dimension which mirrors our own world?

Harry Perton’s image and the Large Hadron Collider As U.I.P stated recently, the bizarre UFO sighting in the sky above the Netherlands, looks VERY much like a Portal than anything else!

Large Hadron Collider Created A Portal To Another Dimension? Related topic. Harry Perton’s image and the Large Hadron Collider As U.I.P stated recently, the bizarre UFO sighting in the sky above the Netherlands, looks VERY much like a Portal than anything else! The Dimensional Portal on [colony name] seems to lead to a realm which is opposed to the sapient mind on a fundamental level. “Spiral […]

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