By moving the Nunchuk, Klonoa can use his whirlwind to slowdown approaching enemies. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. They all work well, and, if you decide to use the Wii Remote, there are a few motion controls available that allow you to toss enemies in the air or even create a whirlwind to slow down those foes.

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The controls exclusive to the Wii are great, but the more classic control schemes are there if you prefer them. I wouldn't have thought to envision Klonoa in 3D, and the attempt here does have its merits.

The big thing I wanted to note is that the way the mouse controls work isn't as simple as I think it should be. In addition to the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controls, Klonoa offers a wide range of control options for any style of play, including Wii Remote only, Classic Controller and the Nintendo GameCube controller.

The luscious, detailed graphics create a believable 3D environment; however, gameplay follows a set path and is not true 3D (just like Pandemonium 2 ). It is really after a few of the early stages are dispatched with that Klonoa becomes truly satisfying. Klonoa also has the unique ability to ride on enemies to achieve his goals, feats facilitated by smooth, responsive controls. You can use the Wii Remote by itself or combine it with the Nunchuk, attach the Classic controller, or even the GameCube one. pokepark has a lot of wiimote motion controls that make it bad for keyboard/gamepads Review: Klonoa. Poképark wii, but currently does not work on Dolphin. Klonoa's adventure takes him and his best friend Hewpoe through a fantastic journey across multiple kingdoms as they try to stop nightmares from spreading across the land. (10-18-2010, 10:39 AM) RupeeClock Wrote: Klonoa, also playable with other setups like gamecube pad or classic controller. Help Klonoa save Phantomile, a land formed by the dreams of its inhabitants and recently besieged by an unknown evil. The game was certainly interesting. The controls are tight and the game mechanics asiduously designed so that sometimes an individual jump can feel like a problem-solving exercise. The movement is good, and the level is surprisingly lengthy.

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