There may even be blood to the knees, but he pushes on, defending what is his. Juno’s jealousy often shows up in relationships, when something or someone becomes a threat. Make sure that you and your partner each has enough "space." When you feel threatened or insecure, you do whatever you can to regain a sense of comfort and safety. Actually it is THE tightest aspect in my whole chart. They want passion, loyalty and strength. The Juno archetype comes from Roman mythology. He is a Libra Sun Conjunct Saturn man with Cancer Moon, I’m a Cancer Sun with Cap Moon in the 7th Trine Venus. And forget about having a partnership that is conventional. JUNO in CANCER, empowered, nurtures in a multitude of forms. They have high expectations when they enter any love relationship. Find Soulmate with Juno Sign ♡ Ignorance is Bliss this Valentines Day as a beautiful configuration occurs in the heavens. Juno in Leo Woman. You are self-protective sometimes to an extreme. Juno in Cancer / 4th House - your partner is someone who is a go-getter. Actually it … And Juno can help us understand our jealousy triggers. Juno in Cancer: If Juno is in Cancer, your ideal partnership is one of safety, traditions and nurturing. Juno was Jupiter’s wife, the King of the Gods, and patron of the Roman Empire. Juno is in Pisces in 3rd (Placidus) or 4th (equal houses), and the tightest aspect is a trine to Saturn in Cancer in 8th. Someone who will show especially with their action that they care about you. Juno reveals what we deeply need in a partner, and understanding that fact can help us prevent making mistakes when making our relationship choices. You commit with body, heart and soul to unions and very much take on the wounds and needs of your partner often to their dismay. The sign of Aquarius can produce sudden attractions, and intense love at 1st sight attractions. Leo would show their domineering aspect in any relationship. They may be possessive, and must learn to trust over time. But her Juno was in Cancer. Juno in Cancer: Your emotions, family, ability to care and nurture, sense of safety, and attachments are soft spots for you. We’re triggered where Juno is in our charts, but it’s also a place of potential power and empowerment. JUNO in LEO shines through the identity, acting as example and illuminator. Men with Juno in Cancer can be very emotional and exhibit some feminine traits such as neediness and clinginess in relationships.

Has motherly qualities. They like mystery and power. Who we desire will bring us understanding, who we collaborate with will bring us understanding, who we argue with will bring us understanding, and who we become angered by will bring us understanding. Look to Vesta for devotion or commitment to a person or cause; look to Juno for clues as to how we make the most of our connections, and also in what way or area we are deeply bothered if we’re not treated with respect. Once they are won over, they are loyal and dedicated… Juno in Cancer is in sextile to Venus in Virgo and in trine to the Scorpio triple conjunction of Ceres, Saturn, and Vesta. You tend to attach emotionally and/or attract the same from partners. How do you feel about Juno Conjunct Juno and Juno Conjunct Saturn? This revealed that she needed a mate who was emotionally nurturing, interested in home and family, and a bit softer than the men she was currently attracting. These women desire a partner they could be proud of and are happy to be seen in public with. You like to care for and be cared for. They may become manipulative and jealous, using sex as a way to control their partner. Juno defines where you seek commitment, harmony and balance. Juno in Cancer Man Although sensitive, Cancer will never give up something without a fight. Disempowered, one clings and manipulates through feeling. Pleasing them demands a lot of cuddling and some alone time indoors. It would bore you to tears - and divorce. Jealousy is different than envy—envy is when we want what someone else has, and jealousy is when we fear losing what we already have . Someone caring, very loyal and sensitive. Juno in Cancer. This partner is often in a position of authority which boosts these women’s ego. Juno in Cancer Man. Juno in Cancer always wants it to last "forever" and Uranus always makes you think it's the "real thing." Your Juno sign expresses what you need from your partner in order for the relationship to last. The North Node, Jupiter and Juno conjoin in the sign of Aquarius. This is someone who wants to build a nest with you and settle. In many ways it explains your own behavior within committed relationships and the path you walk to bring physical expression towards … The partner is creative, lavish, sweet and understanding. Cancer seeks a lover that would show care and love to them. Juno in Leo.

Their marriage was not without problems – Jupiter cheated on Juno again and again, but despite that, she stayed loyal and faithful.
Juno in Scorpio needs an intense relationship with a lot of deep intimacy and sex.
They may be demanding or high maintenance. Disempowered, one clings and manipulates through feeling. Women with Juno in Leo desire a man who is strong, confident, good-looking, charming, successful, and financially well-off. My Juno in Libra is Conjunct a Libra mans Juno Saturn Conjunction. She had to look past her immediate sexual attractions to the super-masculine type of guy and be open to seeing a different sort of man.

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