On the second point, because Singapore is the only country in SEA with english as a first language, MNCs likes to set up their regional HQs in Singapore.

Not as often as China and DPRK, sure, but to the West it's definitely not "okay" for it to be authoritarian. It all seems like a low-key dictatorship thing you guys got going for yourself. r/singapore: Welcome to /r/singapore the reddit home of the country Singapore. What do you say to the argument that (regardless of human rights violations and authoritarian characteristics), Singapore went from "dirt poor" in 1950 to being 55% richer than the US per capita today? [1] This is because the Singapore PAP has led their small country to become an economic powerhouse, that is far greater than the size of this small city-state. Sure, Singapore is definitely more authoritarian than many nations, but I don't consider our country to be a brutal regime, considering that's the exact terminology used for places which are or were literal failed states(e.g., parts of Syria/Iraq under ISIS) or countries which literally commit crimes against humanity. ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Singapore is definitely criticised for being authoritarian. Why are Singapore and Hong Kong so rich? Press J to jump to the feed.
Singapore is more of an authoritarian republic. Singapore's Prime Minister and Secretary-General of the People's Action Party Lee Hsien Loong (C) and his team thank supporters after the general election in Singapore September 12, 2015. Steven Ortmann and Mark Thompson write how China uses the economic success of Singapore as justification for their own authoritarian control.

It's not super authoritarian in that criticizing the government and opposition parties are legal, but the government does exert a … I'm not Singaporean, but lived here for a while. They keep it on the down low though, don't take it too far and they don't go about throwing people in jail/murdering opponents (there was the whole history of suing everybody back in the days tho) like what keeps happening in other countries. Singapore is an authoritarian country that has the veil of democracy. Coupled with a steady supply of graduates from the local universities, which are among the top in Asia, this makes it so that large MNCs are willing to invest large amount of capital in the country.

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