Instead, in the film, we cut straight to the scene where Mac is consoling Juno. Juno is a Roman goddess, the queen of the gods, protectress of women, mother of Mars, and wife of Jupiter. There is a reoccuring prop of a chair in many scenes. February 18, 2013 - by admin. Juno is sixteen years old, an artfully bedraggled burnout kid. Our full range of studio equipment from all the leading equipment and software brands. Juno, a 2007 film directed by Jason Reitman, uses a lot of form and content to convey meaning and messages to the audience. What message do Juno’s sunglasses and pipe evoke about her general attitude to her situation?

(In Virgil's day, she was worshipped as the patron goddess of the Roman Empire.) Somewhat peevishly, but still wisely, Juno’s stepmom tries to teach her daughter the value of hedges when it comes to single girls’ friendships with married men. Ellen Page stars as the title character, an independent-minded teenager confronting an unplanned pregnancy and the subsequent events that put pressures of adult life onto her. Buy Scenes From The Sublime at Juno Records. I had wanted to experiment with Xerox-copied cut-out animation prior to working on Juno, and this seemed like the perfect time to explore the technique. How is Juno’s panic inside the abortion clinic emphasised by the director? Juno’s growing relationship with her father is particularly touching, as represented by a scene in which he gives her advice on finding lasting love. The crisis is set up in the same way – Juno’s waters break and Bleeker isn’t there. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Start studying THEA 201 - Quiz 2. As Juno, she becomes more disciplined, militaristic, and warlike. It's FALL. In stock now for same day shipping. Juno is a 2007 American coming-of-age comedy-drama film directed by Jason Reitman and written by Diablo Cody. It stars Ellen Page and Michael Cera and is directed by Jason Reitman, with a screenplay written by Diablo Cody.It was nominated for four Academy Awards; it won for Original Screenplay.. After having sex with her friend Paulie Bleeker, sixteen-year-old Juno MacGuff finds out that she is pregnant. She also loves the Latin people and Turnus. In the script, the title sequence was to take place after the first few scenes of the film. Comment on the mise en sc è ne, the lighting, and Juno’s parents’ body language in the scene where she tells them she is pregnant. While the Greeks envisioned Hera as imperious and proud, the Romans saw her counterpart as the patron goddess of Rome. Studio equipment. THE PICTURES ON JUNO'S TEMPLE IN THE AENEID Vergil's description of the pictures on the Temple of Juno in Carthage (Aen. 2. 1.453-493) has increasingly attracted attention, but commentators have often focused less on the actual depictions than on Aeneas' emotional response to them.' An important step in the CENTENNIAL LANE - DUSK JUNO MacGUFF stands on a placid street in a nondescript subdivision, facing the curb. THE STYLE TEST. Michael Cera, Jennifer Garner, Jason Bateman, Allison Janney and J. K. Simmons also star. Guaranteed fast delivery and low prices. Juno script at the Internet Movie Script Database. 100% Secure Shopping. But then the director leaves out the crucial step of building the tension – the scene where Vanessa gets the child, and we learn that Juno is giving it up, doesn’t happen here. SOLUTION. Juno is a goddess, the wife of Jove and therefore queen of the gods. In the opening scene of … We proposed two ideas to Director Jason Reitman. JUNO MOVIE ANALYSIS. Scenes From The Sublime. She loves Dido and Carthage, acting as a patron for that city. JUNO Written by Diablo Cody EXT. Juno is a 2007 independent Dramedy film. QUESTION. For example, there is one common theme throughout the movie. Juno is Hera's Roman counterpart. Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Theory.


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