Loosen The Inner Knob To Free The Handwheel. Working on bound up sewing machines can be very frustrating. Sewing machines routinely have many of the same problems, which means they are easily anticipated and usually have established methods of repairing them. The following are some reasons for a sewing machine handwheel to become jammed. A sewing machine handwheel can get jammed for several reasons. You can easily tell when a sewing machine is dead head by attempting to turn the hand wheel.

A crucial factor to note is that; when wounding the bobbin in older models; the handwheel should be released to prevent the needle from moving in the absence of a fabric to be sewn. If it binds, resists turning, or freezes solid; it is locked up stuck. It requires highly a skilled sewing machine technician to fix a dead head stuck sewing machine.

This inner knob might be locked which will not allow the handwheel to turn freely. Kenmore sewing machine model 1803 158.18033 clutch release and bobbin winder mechanism - Duration: … In older sewing machines you can see an inner knob which is a smaller wheel that is fixed in the middle of the handwheel. The handwheel is available in both manual and electric sewing machines and one has to be aware of the various dynamics that surround the availability and usability of this part of the device. D Y I helpful video for your handwheel re-assembly.

By finding out the reasons why your sewing machine handwheel is hard to turn, you can make it easier for yourself to solve the problem or maybe even avoid it in the first place. Possible Reasons for the Jammed Sewing Machine Handwheel. Once you unlock the knob the handwheel will turn without any difficulty.

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