Why are people eating bee pollen? It turns out bee pollen became popular around 2014 when Victoria Beckham tweeted about it. How to Take Bee Pollen. What benefits does it have? 08 July, 2011 .


Bee pollen is made up of approximately 24 percent protein, 27 percent carbohydrates composed of the natural sugars fructose and glucose, and only 5 percent fat. Due to the rich nutritional value of royal jelly, queens can survive five years and lay up to 2,000 eggs each day. The most common way to use it is when it’s ground and mixed with foods. Since chosen honey bee queens eat only royal jelly, they grow quickly and become twice the size of an ordinary honey bee.

Honey bees collect pollen and nectar from a variety of flowering plants, including milkweed, dandelions, clover, goldenrod and a variety of fruit trees. Several types of beetles enjoy the protein punch they receive from eating pollen. Most land on flowers to drink nectar instead. Celebrities such as Kourtney Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow and Meghan Markle have also amped up the superfood in the media.

As larva age their diet will change as well. Many people are confused about how to eat bee pollen. Eating bee pollen is actually really easy. Bee pollen is a ball or pellet of field-gathered flower pollen packed by worker honeybees, and used as the primary food source for the hive.It consists of simple sugars, protein, minerals and vitamins, fatty acids, and a small percentage of other components.

Commercially, beekeepers collect the bee pollen directly from within the beehives. What does it mean for the bees? The young adults (nurse bees) consume pollen to produce food from glands in their mouth for the youngest larva. Most of the pollen collected by the bees is eaten by older brood (over 3 days old) and young adults.

Also called bee bread, or ambrosia, it is stored in brood cells, mixed with saliva, and sealed with a drop of honey. Bee pollen consists of the powdery substance that plants make to reproduce.

A few species of flies, such as the drone fly that looks similar to a bee, eat pollen every now and then, but it's not typically a diet staple. She allegedly takes it routinely to reduce signs of aging. Which Bees Eat the Stored Bee Bread? Natural bee pollen consists of plant pollen collected by worker bees, combined with plant nectar and bee saliva. You can find bee products like pollen in most health food stores and farmers’ markets, especially since it’s becoming more popular. Written by Noreen Kassem . Nurse bees use pollen as a food source enabling them to feed young larva. Bee pollen granules are carried by honeybees from flowers to their hives to provide the nutrients the colony needs to grow, develop and produce honey. How to Use Bee Pollen Granules. Bee pollen is made from bee saliva, and plant pollens and nectar collected by worker bees. The bees collect this on their legs and bodies and take it back to the hive as a food source.

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