Calculating minimum and maximum number of nodes from height – If binary search tree has height h, minimum number of nodes is h+1 (in case of left skewed and right skewed binary search tree). Determining the height of the surrounding trees in order to estimate the minimum pole height of a VHF 6 to 12- element Yagi-Uda antenna.

Write an efficient algorithm to compute the height of binary tree.

If we turn this equation around, we can solve for the height of the tree in terms of the tangent of the angle and the distance to the tree: height = tan(angle) x distance One method uses the height of a stake, the length of its shadow and the length of the tree's shadow. Landscapers frequently need to calculate the height of a tree before felling it. Yes! Using the same example as above, if a tree has a total shadow length of 179 feet and the shadow factor is 1.68, then the height of the tree is 179*1.68 = 300.72 feet, or about 300 feet 9 inches.

Suppose you’re flying a kite, and it gets caught at the top of a tree.

Introduction: Scientists studying a forest ecosystem over a long period of time may record measurements of trees for a number of variables, including each tree's diameter at breast height, height of the lowest living branch, canopy cover, etc.One aspect of a tree's growth that can be hard to measure is tree height. My focus here will be on the formula used to measure the height of a tree using a fixed height reference that is placed against the tree and three angle measurements. h is the tree height; α 1 angle from horizontal to the top of the height reference (counterclockwise positive); α 2 angle from horizontal to the top of the height reference (counterclockwise positive); α 3 angle from horizontal to the bottom of the tree (counterclockwise positive); L is length of the height reference.

Background. American Forests, for example, uses a formula to calculate Big Tree Points as part of their Big Tree Program that awards a tree 1 point for each foot of height, 1 point for each inch (2.54 cm) of girth, and ¼ point for each foot of crown spread. Just pace out your distance to said tree and then measure how big your paces are. Height, Depth and Level of a Tree — Published 26 November 2014 — This is a post on the three important properties of trees: height, depth and level, together with edge and path.I bet that most people already know what they are and tree (data structure) on wiki also explains them briefly..
For example, height of an empty tree is 0 and height of tree with only one node is 1.

I want to know the tree's height so that I can clear a spot on the ground of appropriate size.

Some authors define depth of a node to be the length of the longest path from the root node to that node, which yields the relation: Depth of the tree = Height of the tree - 1 Step6 Subtract your angle from 90 degrees then the arc tangent of it and multiply by the distance you were from the tree.

Step5 measure your height from the ground to your eyes. Since your measurements will be made at eye level, you need to know your eye height (height of your eye above the ground). Understanding data stracture augmentation is vital though, that is; what happens when you do an insertion or deletion on a Binary Tree. The tree's shadow is 27 feet long in this example and the ratio between the length of its shadow to its height is 0.75.

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