So we tried it all – Baby Whisperer, No-Cry Sleep Solution, Babywise, etc.

asks from Austin, TX on October 02, 2009 11 answers. Each night failing, obviously. I used the Ferber method, but my LO was 2.5-3 months old so she had no idea what was going on and didn't fight it. Ferber Method Tips .

But in the crib he won’t nap!

Would like to hear your experience with naps using Ferber method.

Close. My son will be six months old this week and we are on night three of sleep training. He will have three naps a day and each one will be about 30 minutes long prior to trying the Ferber method.

What is the “longer and longer” method? Posted by 7 days ago.

None of it worked. 1.

When you use the Ferber method, or Ferberize, you teach your baby to put herself to sleep by letting her cry for a set amount of time; you then go and comfort her. If you have a toddler with sleep problems, chances are someone might have told you about the Ferber method of sleep training 1 2.This program, developed by Dr. Richard Ferber, director of the Center for Pediatric Sleep Disorders at Children’s Hospital Boston, has become so much a part of parenting culture that many people refer to the method as “Ferberizing.” I tried Ferber for naps the other day and she ended up awake for almost three hours (16 weeks) because first attempt was 45 min, then we stopped and did play for 15, then second one was almost 45 min again and still both failed, I had to hold her for the nap. With the Ferber method he doesn't really nap at all because he cries through the 30 minutes.

She only naps for an hour so that's not all that great either.

But if after a week or two, your baby hasn’t made much progress or it seems like she’s still crying a lot, it might be time to take a break.

How to handle the naps under Ferber method?

My main advice is if you are going to do it, be consistent for all sleep times (naps and bedtime) because she will catch on faster and it won't take as long. "My son is 6 months old and finally goes to sleep without a struggle! Sleep expert Richard Ferber clears up rumors about your baby's sleep, "crying it out" and co-sleeping. Greetings, My hubby and I are ramping up to sleep train our 4.5 month old using some variation of the Ferber method. See how the renowned writer responds to the Ferber Method and his thoughts on sleep training. Everything is done in one step which makes for quicker results, but also a lot more change all at once. When to stop trying the Ferber method . Me again with another post regarding Ferber method.

The Ferber method has the same goals as any method of sleep training: that is, to wean your child away from sleep associations and help him learn to fall asleep without your help. Listed below is Ferber's sleep training plan where you tackle naps and night time sleep at the same time.

My son will turn 6 months old soon and my husband and I are going to use the Ferber Method to help him learn to sleep on his own.

By Amalah.

The Ferber method is a sleep system invented by Dr. Richard Ferber for infants 2. Ferber method and naps Emi 81 kids; Arizona 1382 posts Sep 28th '08 I started the ferber method on my 8 month old on thursday.Everything is going great, he's falling asleep faster and sleeping longer, HOWEVER no luck with naps. Night Training vs. Nap Training: Which Comes First? The Happiest Baby Team.

Cry it out methods like the Ferber method can be a great tool for helping babies become great sleepers. When he was on 2 naps, he would sleep ~ 45 min-1 hr in the morning and around 40 min the the afternoon.

Yep, I did still ferber in the middle of the night. he sleeps from about eight o'clock until five. Our pediatrician gave us the green light and our son is showing strong signs of being able to self-sooth.

Updated on October 10, 2009 L.D. the goal is to teach your baby how to sleep on her own and put …

He used to nap ok previously in nap.

the ferber method is also known as progressive watching or graduated extinction.

This program shifts the focus from parental soothing to infant self-soothing. The Ferber method naps have become a useful sleep training for the children where you need to let your baby cry for long intervals increasingly until the baby sleeps throughout the night and start taking big naps rather than the smaller ones.

Each method has its proponents and detractors, but there’s a good chance that one could work well for you and your baby.

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