The catastrophic result of an eruption at San Francisco Mountain about 400,000 years ago is visible in the collapsed look of the mountain’s eastern flank. During its 6-million-year history, this field has produced more than 600 volcanoes. (Credit: Brugger-Schorr, Carrie. More on VolcanoDiscovery: Sakurajima crisis 2015. Public domain.) Mount Konocti, a dacitic lava dome on the south shore of Clear Lake, is the largest volcanic … 135 km north of San Francisco.

Clear Lake volcanic field lies in the northern Coast Ranges, California, ca. San Francisco Volcanic Field volcano books: polygenetic volcanic field, cinder cones, stratovolcano 2770 m / 9,088 ft Arizona, Canada and USA (mainland), 35.4°N / -111.75°W .

The town of Clearlake lies within the volcanic field as does much of the 43,000-acre fresh water lake of its namesake. Northern Arizona's San Francisco Volcanic Field, which covers about 4,700 km 2 (1,800 mi 2), is an area of young volcanoes along the southern margin of the Colorado Plateau.Much of the field lies … Map Legend. Summary. Sunset Crater. Northern Arizona's San Francisco Volcanic Field, much of which lies within Coconino and Kaibab National Forests, is an area of young volcanoes along the southern margin of the Colorado Plateau. San Francisco Volcanic Field (polygenetic volcanic field, cinder cones, stratovolcano): The San Francisco volcanic field is a vast area covering more than 10,000 km22 containing cinder cones, lava fields, lava domes and the majestic (extinct) San Francisco Peaks, the highest of all mountains in Arizona, rising 5,000 feet above the surrounding plateau. Sunset Crater is the youngest known eruption in the San Francisco volcanic field. The first volcanoes in the San Francisco Volcanic Field began to erupt about 6 million years ago, near present-day Williams, Arizona.
San Francisco Peaks in the San Francisco Volcanic Field are located outside of Flagstaff Arizona. Cima volcanic field is a volcanic field in San Bernardino County, California, close to the border with Nevada. The volcanic field consists of lava dome complexes, cinder cones, and maars of basaltic-to-rhyolitic composition. Lava and other volcanic material appear purple, and the cinder cone field is tinged with green, as vegetation begins to colonize the newly laid landscape. Subsequently, a 20-40 kilometer-wide belt of successively younger eruptions migrated eastward, through the area of modern Flagstaff and beyond, toward the valley of the Little Colorado River.

The vast San Francisco Volcanic Field in northern Arizona has more than 550 vents, the youngest of which is Sunset Crater, named for its brilliantly colored scoria deposits mantling the cone.

The San Juan Mountains are the largest erosional remnant of a composite volcanic field that covered much of the southern Rocky Mountains in middle Tertiary time. Hazards from future eruptions would have local impacts. USGS: Volcano Hazards Program - Yellowstone Volcano Observatory .

It erupted only about 1,000 years ago, when the ancestors to the Pueblo lived in the area. Clear Lake Volcanic Field is located about 90 miles north of San Francisco, California. The San Francisco volcanic field is an area of volcanoes in northern Arizona, north of Flagstaff, USA.The field covers 1,800 square miles (4,700 km²) of the southern boundary of the Colorado Plateau.The field contains 600 volcanoes ranging in age from nearly 6 million years old to less than 1,000 years (Miocene to Holocene), of which Sunset Crater is the youngest.

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