There was concern that the device – aka 'The Worm', first launched in 1996 – would put a focus on populism and TV performance over policy. Summary of Hospital Votes and Advance Ordinary Votes cast before Election Day. General Elections. Get community and media resources or find statistics. Successful Candidates: The 120 electorate and list candidates elected to Parliament. Explore New Zealand’s democracy and electoral system. NEW ZEALAND ELECTION RESULTS. Understand election and referendum rules. Statistics: The detailed report of the General Election 2002 (E9). 2017 General Election - 23 September 2017; 2014 General Election - 20 September 2014 No further electorate seats changed hands. United Future NZ lost a list seat to bring their total to eight, while the Greens gained a list seat to bring their total to nine. Official New Zealand election results. In 2002 there are 34 women MPs (28 percent) in Parliament compared to 16 after the 1990 election. 2002 Leaders Debate - Analysis - The TVNZ Leaders Debate for the 2002 General Election attracted controversy for its use of an onscreen graph, which tracked the response of 100 undecided voters in real time. The smallest majority is Hamilton East with a margin of 614 votes.

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