As high as the numbers seem, economists say the overall impact on the economy will be minor -- some costs from the hurricane will be paid by insurers, and others will be … PDF format is widely accepted and good for printing. Hurricane/ Post-Tropical Storm Sandy struck the New Jersey coast on October 29, 2012, inflicting billions of dollars of damage. View Usage Statistics. Economic impacts Hurricane Sandy was the second most costly hurricane on record, causing $71 billion in damages. Sandy was a category 3 storm that ravaged people, towns, and businesses up and down the Atlantic coast flooding streets & tunnels, subway lines, and cut power in and around the city. Mantell, Nancy H. & Seneca, Joseph J. Environmental Impacts of Hurricane Sandy Allison Stalker December 11, 2013 Environmental Management Leave a Comment As the year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy passed, it is a good time to look at the long term environmental impacts of the storm as well as the actions taken by state agencies to deal with the aftermath. The Economic and Fiscal Impacts of Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey 3 Introduction H urricane Sandy imposed enormous damage on New Jersey, harshly and significantly affecting the lives and livelihoods of millions of people. Plug-in required. This report examines potential long-term economic effects of the storm in terms of losses and gains in economic activity. Hurricane Irene, which struck the Northeast in August of 2011, cost about $13 billion in economic damages, according to data compiled by Moody’s Analytics. The economic and fiscal impacts of Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey, a macroeconomic analysis (2013) PDF. PDF-1 (940.90 kb) Citation & Export.
Hurricane Sandy's devastating effects on people and property will likely be large—though, at the moment, they seem unlikely to approach those from Hurricane Katrina.

But It was a deadly, dangerous, and highly destructive storm. Simple citation. It did $70.2 billion in economic damage.This figure has been adjusted for inflation. Early estimates of the economic impact of Hurricane Sandy put the total loss between $30 billion and $50 billion, making it one of the costliest storms in U.S. history. Emergency Management; Hurricane Sandy’s Impact on Economic Loss and the Construction Industry. An economist at Mississippi State University who estimated an immediate economic loss from Hurricane Sandy to be about $20 billion dollars in property damage – or $60 billion when considering lost work time, lost tax revenue on wages, a loss of spending effect and loss of … Social and Economic Impacts of Hurricanes 1. A week after Hurricane Sandy struck the East Coast, parts of the Northeast are still reeling from the wind, rain and flooding. Sandy's economic impact by Chris Isidore @CNNMoney October 30, 2012: 3:32 PM ET Cars damaged by the flood caused by Hurricane Sandy in New York City's financial district.
A hurricane is a tropical storm with winds which have reached a constant speed of 119km/hr.

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