The drag coefficient of a falling sphere is presented in terms of a non-linear rational fraction. AN ASSESSMENT OF SPHERE DRAG COEFFICIENT DATA By Helmut G. Heinrich and Robert A. Noreen University of Minnesota INTRODUCTION In order to reliably determine atmospheric conditions from the descent velocity of a sphere, the drag coefficient of the sphere as it falls through the air must be known to a high degree of accuracy. Experiments were conducted in a shock tube where the investigated balls were suspended, far from all the tube walls, on a very thin wire taken from a spider web. The drag coefficient is a function of several parameters like shape of the body, Reynolds Number for the flow, Froude number, Mach Number and Roughness of the Surface. The model predicts C D in the range 0.1 < R p < 100,000 with a standard deviation of 0.04. Namely, for Re d < 2 10 5 the boundary layer on the forward portion of the sphere is laminar. The characteristic frontal area - A - depends on the body. Results are compared with eight different formulations of other authors. The drag coefficient is a number which aerodynamicists use to model all of the complex dependencies of drag on shape, inclination, and some flow conditions. “drag crisis”, which is associated with separation of the boundary layer from the surface of the sphere. Data Correlation for Drag Coefficient for Sphere Faith A. Morrison Department of Chemical Engineering Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI 49931 10 November 2016 The correlation for drag coefficient in uniform flow around a sphere (Schlichting, 1955; Bird et.

The drag coefficient of a sphere placed in a non-stationary flow is studied experimentally over a wide range of Reynolds numbers in subsonic and supersonic flows.

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