The declaration should be supported with a proof of address and identity of the relative with whom the prospective customer is living. KYC stands for “Know Your Customer”.Thus, all documents which are required to establish identity of an individual are called KYC documents. KYC means Know Your Customer. KYC Documents Individuals Individuals (Documents acceptable as proof of identity/address) Passport; Voter's Identity Card; Driving Licence; Aadhaar Letter/Card; NREGA Card; PAN Card; Any one document towards proof of identity and proof of address (either permanent or current ) Minors Generally an identity proof with photograph and an address proof are the two basic mandatory KYC documents that are required to establish one’s identity at the time of opening of savings bank account, fixed deposit, mutual fund, insurance, etc. CoinsFM complies with global regulations on KYC policies. Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures are a critical function to assess customer risk and a legal requirement to comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws. of the prospect. Follow the KYC document checklist and get your company report.

This is a part of their ongoing due diligence on bank accounts. Such a declaration is along with the required KYC documents in order to be KYC compliant. Even when you already submit the KYC documents once, the banks can ask again as they are required to periodically update KYC records. KYC Form Updated on June 3, 2020 , 86444 views. Effective KYC involves knowing a customers identity, their financial activities and the risk they pose. : Learn about accepted KYC (Know Your Customer) documents which are required for purchasing your CIBIL Rank and Company Credit Report. By verifying your account, you are helping us fulfill our compliance obligations such as Anti Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC) and Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF) and ensuring the integrity and security of your account. KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER (KYC) DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR CARD APPLICATION A declaration by a close relative e.g. All submitted documentation to bundle will be treated as private and confidential.
They need to fill the KYC form and submit it to the SEBI registered intermediary such as Asset Management Companies, banks, etc. Investors who want to invest in the market securities need to complete the KYC process. husband, wife, son, daughter and parents, etc.

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