Berridge Spencer expanded the business after World War I, opening a mill at Kawerau and a printing works at Henderson. In addition, waste from the smaller Caxton paper mill, Kawerau's raw sewage and heavy metals from a geothermal plant also find their way into the river. The Tasman mill complex (including the sawmill) cost £17 million ($765 million in 2008 terms), most of which related to the pulp mill. Media in category "Caxton Mill" The following 10 files are in this category, out of 10 total. Category:Caxton Mill. population of 3,800. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Fee-free spending, wherever you go Your Caxton multi-currency card is accepted in more than 35 million locations around the world (wherever you see the MasterCard logo). great outdoors in and around kawerau, tarawera river (upstream from the mill!) Too one and only best buddy I had while at the then Caxton paper mill Kawerau there are too many drinking tales to tell,with hundreds of kilometers covered. About 250 people work at the Kawerau paper mill, ex-Caxton. He was involved with some of the larger projects in the area at the time including the reroof of the Norske Skog Tasman paper plant and the CHH Tissue plant (formerly Caxton) in Kawerau and the Whakatane Board Mill roof which was recently refurbished at the end of its original warranty cycle.

A personal essay by author Helen McNeil about one of New Zealand's most put-down towns - Kawerau. My family arrived there as "ten pound Poms" in 1956 when I …

Caxton Pulp & Paper established a monopoly … Expansion included the founding of the … We always were given samples that we could take home. She worked at Caxton Tissue Mill for a time before owning Nick’s Dairy. Credit Union Baywide trading as NZCU Central. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. My grandfather worked in the Caxton Paper Mill in Kawerau and back then, before more stringent modern-day safety standards, we would often visit him at work.

It was described by Jack Smith as ‘…the greatest feat in industrial engineering construction in New Zealand,’ and notable because ‘[t]he scale of this project was big by international standards and the paper machine when installed had, at that time, the largest capacity in the world.’ A $500 approval fee and other fees apply for home lending. Terms and conditions and normal lending criteria apply. Dad's adoptive parents knew this and, after his father secured a job at the old Caxton Mill in Kawerau, which produced most of the country's tissue paper, the family settled there. Subsidence at Kawerau is of concern because the Tasman Pulp and Paper Mill is located within the geothermal field and utilises machinery with small alignment tolerances that are sensitive to ground deformation. A strictly enforced prohibition of fires is mandatory as far as Caxton Paper Mills is concerned because of our own adjacent forest, the neighbouring forests of Tasman Pulp and Paper Company and the scrub cover on the Kawerau A — also leasehold to Caxton. The chief culprit is the Tasman Pulp and Paper Mill at Kawerau, the largest producer of toxic chlorine in New Zealand. Norske Skog Tasman Kawerau, New Zealand. Tasman, at Kawerau (1955) Caxton, at Kawerau (1955). The major businesses in Kawerau—Tasman Pulp & Paper & Caxton Paper Mill—were up and operating, and workers were inflowing into the area to work for these companies and the other town support businesses leading to an approx. The Tasman pulp and paper mill at Kawerau was one of New Zealand’s greatest industrial achievements.

Spencer's grandfather, Berridge Spencer, founded Caxton Printing Works in 1890, and later opened a paper mill at Kawerau in the Bay of Plenty.

Caxton Mill, Mary Street - - 1399989.jpg 640 × 480; 140 KB. The major new mills, Kinleith and Tasman, cost a great deal. Whakatane Beacon, Kawerau Bowling Club, Kawerau Putauaki School, Raromart MEGA, Raglan Fish, One Ninety Cafe, Reporoa Bowling Club, News Whakatāne, Caxton Paper Mill, ASB Bank, War Canoe, Happy Hooligans, Tauranga Bowling Club, Orange Motor Co. LTD, Kawerau Library and Museum, Slot Central Add Me, 4Pics1Word and more Founded in 1952, Tasman commenced production of newsprint at its Bay of Plenty mill in Kawerau, New Zealand, in 1955. Caxton puts you in control.

He would take us through the mill and show us all the equipment operating and each of the different products they produced.

Kawerau is my hometown. Caxton Printing Works was founded in Auckland by John Spencer's grandfather, Albert, in 1890.

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