yep there's a carriage return in the source but i can't get rid of it. Today, while doing a bit of data processing, I was required to remove all the line breaks (carriage return) in an MS-Word …

Don't delete the page to remove line breaks in Word, instead use these tricks to remove line breaks. When editing in Microsoft Word (MS-Word) you often need to add or remove line-breaks (carriage returns) from your document. In notepad++, you can actually open the search box, check the option for "extended search" in the search mode, and replace \R with blanks. There are several names; line break, new line, carriage return, paragraph break etc. Recommended Articles. Go to Replace tab and select the box of Find what, press (not enter) [Ctrl+J] and leave the box of Replace with blank.. 3. ) Copying text from one program to another often results in lines ending in the wrong place, such as partway across the page. I'm formatting content in a long document that was originally a Word .doc. There are severl characters that act as line break. Press [Ctrl+H], the Find and Replace dialog box will pop up.. 2. Method 1: Find and Replace.

MS Word is adding an extra carriage return that results in an empty page... Thread starter ... it turns out that ending a page with a table totally borks word. by cahkaylahlee » Sat Jun 07, 2014 5:40 am .

Next, I'd highlight the bibliography found within the resulting plain text file, and bring up the "Replace" command in Word. This has been a guide to Carriage Return in Excel. How can you add a carriage return to a table cell. CHAR (10) can insert a new line. When they are invisible, it can be difficult to tell when the end of a line is caused by words wrapping at the right margin and when it is caused by a carriage return. How to Remove Line Breaks and Carriage Returns in Microsoft Word. but I'm still left with all of the carriage returns that separated these tables. With the insertion point in the Find what box, click Special and then click Paragraph Mark or click Manual Line Break If you don't see the Special button, click More. Instructions in this article apply to Word for Microsoft 365, Word 2019, Word 2016, Word 2013, Word 2010, and Word for Mac. 2. It occurs in the middle of a word. NOTE: We used Word 2013 to illustrate this feature. Carriage Return is adding a new line within the cell. A combination of SUBSTITUTE and CHAR functions can remove carriage return characters.

More sophisticated word-processing programs such as Microsoft Word have a Replace feature that will search for and delete carriage returns. You copy and paste your text into the Remove Line Breaks text input box. I have footnote 8, 9, 10 on one page with a stray hard return after (on the following line) footnote 10.
There is a carriage return that I cannot delete.

[Solved] Cannot delete carriage return.

Another free online text tool, Remove Line Breaks, offers more advanced options for removing hard carriage returns. Paragraph Spacing In some cases, carriage returns may not be creating the apparent returns. Now all the carriage returns (line breaks) shall have been removed in batch. I have a pilcrow (carriage return symbol) that refuses to delete. In the Find What field, if you selected Paragraph Mark, type: ^p If you selected Manual Line Break, type: ^l Carriage returns are normally invisible characters in Microsoft Word that mark the end of a paragraph. Inside your word document, a paragraph is represented by the - symbol (which looks like a reverse P). Many word processor optionally specify spacing before or after each paragraph.

When I had a problem like this a while back, it was solved by Suzanne Barnhill as described at the following link: The idea is to create a multiline cell. I've figured out how to remove the tables by checking if the first row has nothing in it then: oNewDoc.Tables(y).Delete. 1. 3. The problem is that you cannot specify this carriage return symbol on a … replace carriage return with backspace) do a Find & Replace where Find is '^l' and Replace is ' ' (without quotes). doc and create big gaps that the user has to manually remove from the word doc to tidy it up.

After the final formatting of your bibliography, you might want to run the "Remove Field Codes" command to make a plain text version of your document. There is no way to "delete" that thing, but making the font in that line tiny gets it to pop back up where it belongs. Thx. If I create a page break to force footnote 10 to the next page, footnote 10 appears just above footnote 11 and the stray hard return is gone (from the original page and did not move with fn #10 to the next). How to Remove All Carriage Returns By C. Taylor ... By keeping the Replace With field blank, you'll delete all carriage returns when you click "Replace All."

If you want to replace the paragraph marks (i.e.

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