Blinking green (slow) The gateway is trying to find an Internet signal: See 2Wire or Pace gateway: Broadband or DSL light is flashing: Blinking green (fast) The gateway has detected an Internet signal and is attempting to connect: No action: Blinking red (slow) The … 5268AC Broadband 1 & 2 blinking red & no WiFi light About 4:00 today (7h 15m before this post) my 5268AC decided to go fucky and refuse to talk to the ATT side of things. Anyway, I noticed about a week ago that the Broadband 2 light on my NVG589 was flashing green, going to steady red, then back to flashing green. Tried resetting and power cycle with no help. I can see my DVR recordings, and it has power and Ethernet, HomePNA, and formerly the WiFi light, all green and/or blinking like they're supposed to - Ethernet and HomePNA are still green and blinking like they should. Flashing green: The associated … Re: Flashing green light on router on ‎10-11-2019 21:16 If it is the WiFi light then this is a rogue indication which is an intermittent issue with the current firmware. Blinking red broadband means no signal could be plugged in wrong. Next, we see the lights for Phone 1 and Phone 2. Broadband 1 & 2: Green: The gateway is connected to our network. Forum discussion: So when I called customer service they told me that it doesn't matter if the red light is blinking as long as Broadband one is green. Or my favorite, critter chewed the lines on the house. Phone 1: Solid green A phone is connected and registered. Flashing green: The … Could be bad modem, cut line outside. If the light is solid green, the phone line is ready to make calls.

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