The 174-inch fish fell for a mackerel trolled in … A huge black marlin caught by a Gold Coast fishing crew has finally been weighed, coming in at more than 600kg. All fish must be caught per IGFA rules. However, unlike tagging, more black marlin were released without tags in the spring than any other season, with May containing the highest number of releases by 30 fish. Mr Crane credited his team with the record game fish catch. To govern and co-ordinate the sport of game fishing in the State of New South Wales.

Notes: Glassell Jr. of Houston boated this black marlin record after a 1 hour and 45 minute fight. The Great Barrier Reef area of Cairns and Lizard Island is known world wide as the place to come to fish for ‘granders’ . Black Marlin fishing at it’s finest on the Great Barrier Reef. The fish’s coloration is primarily silver and dark blue, although black marlin can “light up” with coloration from their bills to the tail. The angler estimated the black marlin to be about 15 years old, and is the largest of its kind caught in Australia in over 30 years. Our Mission. Marlin are hatched from eggs and begin life as tiny fish, growing rapidly each year. Species: black marlin Record: men's 20-pound-test line-class Weight: 1,051 pound Date of Catch: October 7, 1976 Caught Off: Cairns, Australia Similar to tags, black marlin catch and release rates took a steep decline during the summer months. Fishing World Records. Black marlin weighing over 1,000 pounds are known as granders. The fishing is primarily tag and release, with large fish or world records only being taken. To conserve the game fish and food fish resources of New South Wales waters for the recreational and economic use of present and future generations. The rod-and-reel records weigh considerably less. Search for the biggest fish in the International Game Fish Association's database of biggest fish for each species.

Alistair Brightman But is it enough to claim the Australian record BLACK marlin (recently reclassified as Istiompax indica, after formerly being known as Makaira indica) are considered by many authorities to be amongst the world's premiere game fish.They certainly have size on their side, with the all tackle world record black marlin weighing in at 1560lb (707.6kg) taken by Alfred Glassell way back in 1953 off Cabo Blanco, Peru. According to the IGFA fishing records, the world-record Pacific blue marlin is 1,376 pounds taken off Hawaii; and the world-record Atlantic blue marlin is 1,402 pounds taken off Brazil. Fishing World Records. Use the search form above to find fishing world records for freshwater fish, saltwater fish, and more.

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