Check Price. Bonus: Considering we were sleeping in the van, the puffy jacket made a nice addition to my pillow which needed an extra fluff. I hate to burst your bubble, but summer in Iceland is not exactly “summer-y” weather. Clothing. Literally, this jacket saved my life… This Florida girl would be a permanent icicle in Iceland without it. Packing is one of my least favorite parts about traveling, but packing for a trip to a country as wildly diverse as Iceland had its particular challenges. You know, one of those eye masks that are designed to keep all the light away from your eyes and help you fall asleep. While summer is a beautiful time to visit Iceland, (well, I think ALL seasons are great to visit!)

4. What to Pack for Iceland in Summer Sleep mask. If you are planning to visit in winter you will want to be sure that your gloves and hat are thick (fleece-lined if possible) and super warm to protect you from the cold, but even in summer, I recommend taking a pair of inner gloves and warmer ‘outer’ gloves. I can’t decide if these clothes should be in Little House on the Prairie or in a fashion magazine.

Iceland tells you in its very name that the country can be quite chilly, which is why it is important to bring appropriate clothing for the adverse weather. As mentioned earlier these are based off my own Iceland summer packing list, and that worked well for the weather I found. The picture above is from Farmers Market, an Icelandic design company and clothing brand. What to Pack for a Trip to Iceland in the Summer When traveling to Iceland it is important to be prepared for rain and cold, even in the summer so follow this Iceland packing list.
There’s a lot of reasons to come during summer – the days are long and the midnight sun is beautiful.

If there is one thing you don’t want to forget when traveling to Iceland in summer, it’s a good sleeping mask.

It's not difficult to feel very overwhelmed thinking about everything you might need and how everything is going to fit in your suitcase.
The Ultimate Packing List For Your Trip to Iceland.

Packing for an Iceland adventure tour can be a real challenge--especially if you're not used to a cold climate.. GLOVES, HAT & A BUFF. If you are set on visiting in this season, keep in mind you will need to book accommodations and your car rental months in advance and plan for higher prices.

In summer, it can still become very cold, wet and windy, and in places such as the Highlands and Westfjords, it may even still snow. A Vest. So the day has nearly arrived: you’re going to Iceland, but you have no idea what to pack. Another set of basic essentials to keep you warm and happy on your trip to Iceland. chances are it’s not going to feel like the summer you are used to. A good jacket is the most important thing, apart from good footwear, that you will pack for your trip to Iceland. Either way, I love them and that’s part of the reason why I love Iceland. Summer in Iceland still isn’t very warm. If you go any time other than the height of summer, chances are good that you will experience freezing temperatures, especially if you head to the highlands, so something warm that keeps out moisture is essential. I was there in August, so this list is a good indication of what to wear in Iceland in the summer months, from early June to end of August. Iceland's average summer temperatures generally are in the 50s Fahrenheit, but temperatures in the 70s or 80s are not unusual; it can be cooler in the country's northern regions. You may want a vest as another layer to keep your core warm instead of too many shirts or an extra sweater or jacket. What to pack when travelling to Iceland . It stays light 24 hours a day in the Nordics in summer. Summer is the high-season for tourism in Iceland so if you want to skip the crowds, consider traveling in the spring or fall. I know people have asked about what jackets to bring to Iceland, but the responses are often vague references to waterproof and windproof jackets, yet seldom actually giving examples of suitable models.People keep saying the jacket needs to be both waterproof and windproof, as well as breathable all at the same time.

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