107 - 113 Baths and Forum of Trajan

4 W. D. Heilmeyer, "Apollodorus von Damaskus, der Architekt des Pantheons," JDI 90 (1975) 316-47. Her argument is particularly interesting in light of Heilmeyer's argument that, based on stylistic evidence, Apollodorus of Damascus, Trajan's architect, was the obvious architect. Equestrian Sculpture of Marcus Aurelius. The form of Agrippa's Pantheon is debated. Apollodorus of Damascus It is not currently known whether it played a role in the fossae's formation or if its location is merely a coincidence, although no graben appears to cut the crater rim, and the dark impact ejecta partially covers grabens, suggesting that Apollodorus postdates Pantheon Fossae. The Pantheon. Exterior of the Pantheon . Apollodorus of Damascus were designed in the second century, 2 A.D. He worked majorly for He worked majorly for the Roman emperor during the second century designs whic h he made. Practice: Pantheon. Hadrian, Building the wall.

Apollodorus of Damascus plays an important role in the later part of the historical novel Empire by Steven Saylor.The (fictional) protagonist Marcus Pinarius, a talented young sculptor and architect, becomes Apollodorus' protege, accompanies him during the war in Dacia and on various building projects in Rome, and later marries Apollodorus' daughter. Empire: Medea Sarcophagus. Hadrian's Villa, Tivoli: A virtual tour. 5 Dio 69.4; R. Ridley, "The Fate of an Architect: Apollodorus of Damascus," Athenaeum 67 (1989) 551-65, argues convincingly that the story of the execution is false. This is the currently selected item. Hadrian, The imperial palace, Tivoli . Apollodorus of Damascus: Born in 50 in Damascus, Syria, Asia: Deceased in 130 92 - 130 Master builder of Emperor Trajan (praefectus fabrum) 102 - 105 Danube Bridge in Dobretae (Turnu Severin, Romania), Odeon and stadium in Rome. Maritime Theatre at Hadrian's Villa, Tivoli. He is widely credited with the design of the Pantheon and in AD 106 he completed the stadium of Domitian. He was banished by the emperor Hadrian—perhaps following a disagreement about a temple design—and executed about 130. View of the Pantheon in Rome, including the concrete dome. Outside the capitol, Apollodorus built bridges across the Danube and the Tagus in Spain and designed the triumphal arches of Trajan at Benevento and Ancona. Apollodorus was banished from Rome by the emperor Hadrian, possibly due to a disagreement over a temple design, and executed around the year 130. The Pantheon. Apollodorus is also often credited as the designer of the Pantheon, and he is known to have written several technical treatises, none of which survive. Apollodorus of Damascus, (flourished 2nd century ad), Damascus-born Greek engineer and architect who worked primarily for the Roman emperor Trajan (reigned 98–117). Pair of Centaurs Fighting Cats of Prey from Hadrian's Villa, Tivoli. 127

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