As a result, her confidence cure has been readily seized upon.
My Action Steps After Reading. Slowing down and taking my time more often.

Tweet. August 21, 2014 January 11, 2020. “Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are Summary”

Body Language and Power Poses: How to Achieve Amazing Presence! A horse trainer used the power pose body language test on one of her horses and it worked. Cuddy’s 2012 presentation “Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are,” is the second most-viewed TED talk ever, with 19 million views to date.

... Social psychologist Amy Cuddy believes instead that you should fake it till you become it. In 2010, she wrote a paper with Dana Carney and Andy Yap exploring “power poses” (feet up on the desk; standing with legs spread wide – domination of space, essentially). Amy Cuddy, Associate Professor at Harvard Business School offered us just that: the power pose.
-William James.

Nervous about an upcoming presentation or job interview? Clearly, we’re all fascinated by body language. She has written one book, “Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges” and has been a frequent lecturer at many events. Cuddy, a social psychologist, knows a lot about body language. Power Posing Has No Effect On Hormones (Amy Cuddy Was Wrong) Christopher Philip.

Her research suggests that changing your posture can affect your body chemistry, particularly the levels of testosterone and cortisol in your brain. In her TEDTalk (above), social psychologist Amy Cuddy shares an easy way that anyone can change not only others' perceptions of them, but the way they feel about themselves -- spending two minutes "power posing" with their arms or elbows out, their chin lifted and their posture expansive. 5 Power Poses to Hold Before Speaking to Improve Confidence on Stage. Begin to be now what you will be hereafter. Power posing when needed for confidence … Holding one's body in "high-power" poses for short time periods can stimulate higher levels of testosterone and lower stress-causing cortisol, according to Harvard Business School professor Amy J.C. Cuddy. Back in 2012, social psychologist Amy Cuddy gave her first TED talk on body language. Her joint research showed that adopting a power pose for a short time could increase testosterone and improve performance at job interviews. In the TED Talk, “Your body language shapes who you are”, social psychologist Amy Cuddy explores how ‘power posing’ can lead to success. Here is her TED Talk on YouTube that the book is based on. Amy Cuddy is an American social psychologist and author, who specializes in studying discrimination, body language, and the link between power and nonverbal behavior. Today, this TED talk is the second most-watched video on TED and has propelled Amy Cuddy’s concept of “power posing” into mainstream conversations everywhere. Feel strong enough to be compassionate to people that wrong you.

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