Speed training warm-ups are typically divided into two parts.
Give yourself a warm-up for five to ten minutes.

The general warm-up increases your heart rate and body temperature and gets your muscles, ligaments and tendons ready for work. by Dave Clarke in Fitness and Diet, Warm Ups. In a previous post I covered what to do with a warm-up … Warming Up Your Dog.

When it comes to dog agility, it is important to include these components in your daily workout, as well.

0 Shares Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Warming up … So here are some ideas that you can incorporate into warming up your dog. Warm-ups on ALL AGILITY | Hi all! Begin every agility ladder workout with a thorough warm-up. Before you start performing the drills, make sure to begin your workout with a thorough warm-up. by Dave Clarke in Fitness and Diet, Warm Ups. Then, do calf and hamstring stretches before moving to speed exercises.

This is an excerpt from Developing Agility and Quickness-2nd Edition by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association & Jay Dawes..

The purpose of a well-designed warm-up is to enhance performance and decrease the likelihood of injuries.

To prepare your muscles, joints and nervous system for maximum performance, do this warm-up prior to your speed training. 02 Jun 2005 Steve Schwarz. Anytime you have to control a movement, such as rotation, you are in essence training that movement. PRINT ; Being able to turn is one of the first problems a young player has to solve as he advances his technique.

The reason why we need to “warm up” prior to a workout is to get our muscles moving and the blood in our body flowing. 1. Jog in place to increase your heart rate and loosen up your muscles and joints, then do plenty of dynamic moves, such as lunges, butt kicks, arms raises, etc. Once he is warmed up we do some stretches for him and stretches for me too. 5 minute warm-ups for Strength and Power, and Speed and Agility. This is a great dynamic warm-up exercises for opening those tight glutes, hamstrings, and IT bands. This post is coming from the Ontario West Regionals.

Soccer speed agility warm-up game. PRINT ; Strength and Power. If possible, each session /or warm up should have linear, lateral, and a rotational component. Make sure you're quick on your feet and in the squares of the ladder. I can’t stress enough how important it is to make sure you have a routine that will allow you to warm up without a jump as well. This study showed that static stretching had a negative influence on vertical performance, whereas dynamic stretching had a positive impact. This is an excellent warm-up that practises good ball skills whilst getting players ‘switched on’ in terms of movement, speed and ball control. Agility Warm Up Games Youth Warm Up Games Agility drills, session plan, lesson plans and practices It is an essential and standard practice for athletes to warm up before they practice or compete. Here are a few tips for organizing your daily dog agility workout. 1. Running in straight lines is very limiting and you need to get players to …

Our Expert Agrees: The best way to improve your agility is to buy a speed ladder. Agility Ladder Drills Warm-up. It begins with foam rolling on three key lower body parts: IT Band - Lie on your side on top of the foam roller, and slide up and down from your knee to just above your hip.

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