I need some help. Photo by Michael Bambino Photography. Star Wars Wedding Vow Ideas. Klingon Wedding Ceremony. If you love Trek, even if you’re already married, you can renew your vows and celebrate your own anniversary at … #Ceremony Advice; #geeky weddings; #movies; #quotes; #readings; #tv; #writing vows; Updated Jan 18 2018 (Posted Jul 15 2013) Catherine Clark bijouxandbits.

May 30, 2018 by Kelly Schwarze. I have all the Princess Bride ones!

For years, brides have insisted on having the perfect fairytale weddings, complete with puffy gowns and grooms in elaborate tuxedos. Why not? Geeky Wedding Vows 10 Cult Quotes That Need to Be Included in Your Wedding. Some are serious and traditional and many do actually quote songs or movies that the couple obviously share a mutual love for. 5.2K Shares View On One Page ADVERTISEMENT () Start Slideshow .

I am looking for a list of movie quotes from geeky/nerdy movies that deal with love. Science fiction theme weddings are among the top requested.
One of the things I love most is listening to the vows that couples write for each other. Which "Star Trek" passages should I include in my wedding vows? Everyone has their own love language.
*Epic theme song plays* Make it so. Star Trek the Original Series is having a 50th anniversary! Hello! Sure! Star Trek: Wedding Vows. To seek out a new life together, and a new civilization to call home. Our lifelong mission; To explore strange new worlds, hand in hand. Marriage. To boldly go, side by side, where no one has gone before. I just saw that someone asked this question in relation to "Twilight" passages.

The final frontier. 30 geek movie love quotes. At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we’re seeing a flurry of space-themed Intergalactic Weddings, and we’ve finally figured out what it’s all about! So if I ever marry, which "Star Trek" passages should I include? 2:53 Klingon Wedding: A Klingon couple are linking themselves, and given the confrontational and aggressive nature of the race, this relationship, while possessing the potential for softer interaction, will also be filled with challenges between the two on many levels. Why not memorable quotes from your favorite books or movies? – Jennifer . A Star Wars-mad couple who fell in love after discovering their intergalactic connection have renewed their wedding vows with a 100-strong Storm Trooper honour guard. Klingon passages welcome. Star Wars Quotes for your wedding? Today it is becoming more common to see grooms insisting on weddings that better suit their preferences. These are the voyages of husband and husband/husband and wife/wife and wife/android/other.

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