The Orbital Module is located on top of the two other sections of Soyuz.

Also, the re-entry sequence of events was changed after an incident on the Soyuz TM-5 mission in 1988.

The Soyuz spacecraft sans Habitation Module was developed for a circumlunar mission within the L1 project. The orbital and descent stages can open up to reveal the plastic cosmonauts manning the controls and conducting experiments in the orbital lab. The lightweight structure of the orbital module allows it to be made larger, providing the Soyuz a greater total volume of living space for the crew than the Apollo.

This procedure was first followed on Soyuz-T 3, though then the module was left attached to the station for only a few hours. The Soyuz 5 cosmonauts Yevgeni Khrunov and Aleksei Yeliseyev entered the Soyuz 4 in a spacewalk on January 16, 1969 (0h 37m). Soyuz 11 carried the inaugural crew to the Salyut 1 station in June 1971, but, after a record-setting 23 days aboard, the three cosmonauts died when their descent module accidentally depressurized while returning to Earth. It is 2.98 meters long and 2.26 meters in diameter. Let's imagine a situation that for one reason or another Soyuz landed in a … Yevgeni Khrunov and Aleksei Yeliseyev put on their Yastreb ("hawk") suits in the Soyuz 5 orbital module with aid from Commander Boris Volynov. Only the reentry module survives the reentry. The propulsion module has a storage compartment containing tools, an umbilical cord for EVAs, and a little Sputnik 1 just for fun. The ASTP commemorative plaque is assembled in the Soyuz Orbital Module during the ASTP mission: AST-5-298 Astronaut Donald K. Slayton and sosmonaut Aleksey A. Leonov in the Soyuz Orbital Module: AST-5-305 Cosmonaut Valeriy N. Kubasov in the Soyuz Orbital Module: AST-5-307 Cosmonauts Kubasov (left) and Leonov (rght) are seen in Soyuz Orbital Module It has a total mass of 1,300 Kilograms and offers a habitable volume of 5m³. Officially identified as Zond, the L1 spacecraft flew several unpiloted test missions with mixed results, until the program was cancelled in the wake of the Apollo success. The Soyuz design, by minimizing the size of the reentry module also minimizes the mass of heatshielding and parachute system needed.

During Ascent, the Orbital module is sealed from the Entry Module by closing and latching the inner hatch. After losing the race to the Moon in 1969, the Soviet Union adapted the Soyuz to ferry crews to space stations.

Normally, before reentry, Soyuz separates into 4 chunks - the orbital module, the service module, the reentry module, and the periscope. Soyuz-T 4 leaves behind orbital module.

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