Pregnancy is a very precious and important event in a woman’s life where the complete care of both mother and child is utmost important. Alert: But during pregnancy, you can take help of wall in this asana, or any table otherwise it can be dangerous. Wonderfully new awareness of the spine will continue throughout the years of practice.We strongly recommend that you consult with your physician before beginning any exercise regimen or program. Research carried out till date show alternative therapies have been effective for reducing pregnancy related back and leg pain, nausea; promote normal labor, depression and cortisol levels and the associated prematurity rate. that is called modified Shavasana as shown in pic below the alert. During pregnancy, or for students with a larger midsection or who experience discomfort in the inguinal region (the space between the top of the thigh and pelvis), bring the legs wider, keeping knees and feet about the same distance apart. During the practice of this asana, the body is stretched in a similar way as that of a cat and hence the name. Always do planks under the guidance of an instructor who has worked with pregnant women and is aware of their physical restrictions. But to be sure, consult your doctor before you practice yoga poses. Yoga is great for you, whether you are pregnant or not. Cow Pose: Inhale and look up, allowing your back to bend naturally (without placing emphasis on the lower spine). It is effective to stimulate abdomen muscles, reduce … Marjariasana commonly known as Cat Pose and Cat Stretch Pose in English is a back stretching pose. The internal organs are also given renewed blood flow, helping to improve their action. If you don’t have health complications, then feel free to practice. Practice the asana on an empty stomach and hold it as long as you feel comfortable but not more than 15 seconds. Yoga exercises for pregnancy. Cat pose or Marjariasana yoga pose during pregnancy is effective to improve blood circulation, strengthen your wrist, shoulders, hips, abdomen, and back. Balasana (Child’s Pose) Child’s pose is one of the best poses of yoga for pregnant ladies to relax her mind and back. Planks may not be a suitable exercise to do the entire term of your pregnancy. If you're unsure of how to approach yoga during pregnancy, this simple sequence below, led by Jessica Walden, an experienced Ashtanga yoga teacher based in Encinitas, California, and a contributor to , is a good place to start. More Details – Steps and Benefits of Marjariasana (Cat Pose) 6. But to be sure, consult your doctor before you practice yoga poses. It is a beginner level Ashtanga yoga asana. <> Browse All Yoga Poses Here Yoga practice helps develop the body and mind bringing a lot of health benefits yet is not a substitute for medicine. About The Pose-Marjariasana or the Cat Pose is an asana that looks like a cat which is stretching its back. Contraindication of the Cat Stretch (Marjariasana) Consult your doctor if you have back or neck-related problems and practice Cat Stretch (Marjariasana) under the guidance of an Sri Sri Yoga teacher.

You will find that doing planks during pregnancy in your first trimester is much easier than in the other trimesters. Cat walk is famous all over the world, but we discuss about cat pose in yoga asana class. Your abdominal muscles will get tightened and you will be happy to watch your belly get back to its normal shape.

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