The Word "Lark" in Example Sentences Each page has up to 50 sentences. It's a harmless hobby. Definitions of lark: noun: any of numerous predominantly Old World birds noted for their singing noun: any carefree episode noun: North American yellow-breasted songbirds noun: small songbirds resembling larks verb: play boisterously name: A surname (rare: 1 in …

Start your journey to productivity today. "It's obvious to me that you are quite a villain," Geroff told Lark. Here are some examples. Sentences with audio are listed first. Find descriptive alternatives for lark. You can perform steps 1-4 repeatedly, gradually growing your grammar to include more sentences. (Total: 4) The Sentences. lark synonyms, lark pronunciation, lark translation, English dictionary definition of lark. We humans tend to anthropomorphise animals, attributing human emotions and motivations to them. Use Lark's grammar features to shape the tree: Get rid of superfluous rules by inlining them, and use aliases when specific cases need clarification. She's happy as a lark with her ten dollar pay raise, even though the long-term prospects for the business are not good. That meant Geroff would have to sentence Lark instead — to the mandatory term of life in prison with no possibility of parole. The versatile materials allow you to draw on various approaches, methods, and techniques to restore patients' ability … Main definitions of lark in English: lark 1 lark 2. lark 1. How to use happy as a lark in a sentence Looking for sentences with "happy as a lark"? n. 1. Try your grammar in Lark against each input sample. ... More example sentences Any of various birds of the family Alaudidae, found almost worldwide and having a melodious song, especially the skylark. About. ‘When the children were small I'd be up with the lark; a cooked breakfast was on the table by 7.30 am.’ ‘Pet owners who get up with the lark to walk their dogs in a country park are fuming after penalty notices were slapped on their cars.’ ‘I was up with the lark, too excited at the prospect of seeing my team to sleep.’

Find more words! Make sure the resulting parse-trees make sense. Translate lark into Spanish. Sentence Examples. Lark definition, any of numerous, chiefly Old World oscine birds, of the family Alaudidae, characterized by an unusually long, straight hind claw, especially the skylark, Alauda arvensis. Define lark. Learn more.

Pronunciation /lärk/ /lɑrk/ noun. Sentences are sorted by length, with 50 sentences per page. Try Lark for free. We attribute to larks, which have a beautiful melodious song, happiness... since humans sing when happy. 1 A small ground-dwelling songbird, typically with brown streaky plumage, a crest, and elongated hind claws, and with a song that is delivered in flight. 2.

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