Irish boy names are rising in numbers in the recent years. These are the popular Irish names for boys including the Gaelic meanings, origins and spellings. Giving your son an Irish name is a great way to show pride in your, and his, Irish heritage. See if yours made the cut, or … ABBAN: abbot ABRACHAM, BRAM: Irish form of Abraham (father of many) ADAMNAN, AWNAN: little Adam ADARE: from the ford of the oak tree ADDERGOOLE: from between two fords Unlike a lot of unique baby names, however, Irish boys’ names are also deeply traditional, calling to mind the centuries of proud Irishmen who have born them — warriors, saints, kings, bards — as well as evoking traditional Irish myths and legends. Every year Ireland's Central Statistics Office (CSO) produces a report on the top 100 Irish and Gaelic baby boys and girls names that people chose for their babies in the previous year. As the twentieth largest island in the world with only about 6.5 million people, Ireland has a bloody history due to its two main divided parts – the Republic of Ireland with Dublin as the capital and Northern Ireland, a part that has always been under the rule of the United Kingdom. Irish male names are popular for a variety of reasons. Story of a Name: Brendan, an Irish saint who many people believe reached America some 1000 years before Columbus. Irish Baby Boy Names. Check out all the meanings and derivations of this unusual Irish boy names and give your boy a name they are proud to answer to. It was the seat of the Kings of Munster, and it was here that St. Patrick is believed to have been baptised the Third King of Munster.

Every year Ireland's Central Statistics Office (CSO) produces a report on the top 100 Irish and Gaelic baby boys and girls names that people chose for their babies in the previous year. Irish boy names have an exotic, yet unique sound to them, making them a popular choice for parents. They’re unique, which is something a lot of parents look for when naming a baby boy. Here are today's 100 most popular Irish language baby names, with their meanings and pronunciations - 50 girl names and 50 boy names. Looking for the perfect name for your little one? Girl. The internet has made it easy to find unique Irish boy names you can Consider for New Babies. Brody. Irish baby boy names Back to all baby names Are you looking for an Irish name for your newborn?

Check it out! Irish Boys Names: Most Popular Names for Boys in the Republic of Ireland from Namipedia, the Baby Name Wizard’s naming encyclopedia. Ábartach (Feat-performing one) Abbán (Little abbot) Ábhartach (Feat-performing one)

Showing names from "Odhrán" to "Paul". It’s a popular Irish name for boys that signifies being an inspiration bringing light and hope.

Whether you’re an Irish descendant or a fond admirer of all things Celtic, sifting through unique Irish boy names can be downright fun. Boy. Irish Baby Name Generator.

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