confetti check A-OK.wav. Other Episodes: Computer Affair, Flight Path, Exposed, Conflict, The Dalotek Affair, A Question of Priorities, Ordeal, The Square Triangle, Confetti Check A-OK, The Responsibility Seat, E.S.P., Sub Smash, The Sound of Silence, The Cat With Ten Lives, Destruction, The Man Who Came Back, Reflections in the Water, Timelash Played By: Dolores Mantez 48min. S1:E 25 Confetti Check A-OK TV-PG | Jul 10, 1971 | 50m Straker reminisces about the formation of SHADO in the 1970s, and how his duties as commander led to his failed marriage. ... UFO, Space 1999 and the like.. they entertained a generation and directed so many of us into the sciences in higher education. Subtitles. Use of this system constitutes consent to monitoring, interception, recording, reading, copying or capturing by … I Kill Straker! Audio languages. Loved this show as a teenager in the early 70's. He later met General James L. Henderson, who, as the episodes "Identified" and "Confetti Check A-OK!" MadeInUSAReview 190 Views UFO S01E24 Reflections In The Water (Final) Renaud Be 62 Views UFO S01E23 The Sound Of Silence. I Sub-Smash: Production Block 2: The show has been shown minimally in the USA since the 70's. suggest, introduced him, in the early 1970s, in Project Angel (a project to fight incoming hostile UFOs), in which the United States, the Soviet Union, France and an unidentified side of Germany cooperated. make the CIA look like a bunch of Sunday school teachers.wav . Confetti Check A-OK Setting: Col. Straker attends a meeting of a special committee formed by the United Nations to try and persuade them to provide the funds to set up SHADO. “Confetti Check A-OK” demonstrates this quality in spades. At one point, Straker is seen separated from his family in his house. Between Straker and the camera is a white window frame (the visual equivalent of bars or a barrier…), and beyond the window is pounding rain. UFO S01E22 Confetti Check A-OK. Renaud Be - 43 Views. Subscribe 110. Check out "Exposed," "The Square Triangle," "A Question of Priorities," and "Confetti Check A-OK." Phenomenal stuff that most haven't seen. truly an inspiring and exciting show, UFO.. ! Identified I Computer Affair I Flight Path I Survival I Exposed I Conflict I The Dalotek Affair I A Question of Priorities I Ordeal I The Responsibility Seat I The Square Triangle I Court Martial I Close Up I Confetti Check A-OK I E.S.P. English [CC] Audio languages. The SHADO Files: Welcome EPISODES Updates (blog) Other Pictures Small World Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. a female technician from Dublin.wav. 7+ Subtitles. Regional COVID-19 testing sites are open in multiple cities in Oklahoma as a result of a cross-county, city and state health system partnership. Was the first real science fiction show to hit the airwaves after Star Trek was cancelled. Confetti Check A-OK. July 10, 1971. ... MindsEyeDesign 10 New Made In USA Campers to Check Out 2019 - 2020. THIS U.S. GOVERNMENT SYSTEM IS FOR AUTHORIZED USE ONLY! Straker: If I might point out, sir, we're confronted with alien space craft, possibly from another solar system. COVID-19 testing is open to everyone; people no longer need to exhibit symptoms to be tested for COVID-19.

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